Ah..and there too

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I was

As always, everywhere I go, I am the least of my brethren and the sisters still scare us

They complain a lot more

And they got

Plenty of time invested in why they can

It's my island....

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some of them spend days getting tickets to the fight

some spend days getting tickets for old age but

anywhere i go, in any

or club

i always am
the least of my brethren so maybe thats why i dont fit in some places

the cat needs to be on the side, on top of the roof

where the lady left me, to tell the tale

its's a

bit of a rough place

nothing american about it

it's sometimes hard to understand i hear

but i am

just the cat

and that's a fact


yet still i'm just the cat and those acres are highly over-rated

they're not even mine

but "the boys" and their girls in the proper way as if it were decided by divine demand

demand some respect when talking to

no sucking dick

just some respect

it's a swamp thing

used to be graffiti, right ?

this is easier to clean but

i hurr , according to Orban and the neo-Polish soon the unemployed will no longer have constitutional rights but take the place of alternative sentenced so

spray away , its you anyway ...

i dont mind, it's culture and the cat

the rest might not portray anyone who thinks they are being portrayed for some reason

it might simply relate to

all kinds of trash


back when i used to go out and meet people, right ?

actual human beings

'the' blockchain pretending to be a social network

obviously can't keep up with improv and spontaneity

i think it will evolve to a dating site like

try before you try

just make sure you dont buy

it's a swamp thing

they got different prices for the tourists

ofcourse these people did not do drugs

you have to play it for the kids and be an example for the future, so

drugs is bad

especially when doing beathoven in fifth gear on a guitar


you have to be right, not epic

its NOT a choice

they will tell you

you really shouldn't

it will get you followed by both
things you do and things you don't want around


i don't live in a land where former actors can simply go into politics when they retire

i live in a land where you can start a business IF you can pay the governments FIRST

it's the capital of Europe, i live in a land where you can BUY nationality

but only if you're from the frozen east

i live in a land where

they let One guy go that even made the news, remember that ?

they told him " PLEASE GO HOME AND

never come back here again and

off he went

as for Texans ???

you used to be cool too

not scumsucking marketing scambags

small town like this

got one or two blue armies, often get confused and sometimes all the same

its complicated for a pleb

peasant piece of shit dirt down-trodden swamp thing

it is

you will never see it if you happen to pass by

the peoples are not rapists

they wont invade

but you might stumble in the wrong place and

wake up with a hangover
money's hard to come by

the worst appreciated part

it would have been SO easy to simply have an army and do a bit o better then eriksson or thomas, right ?

i just wanted out of here but

they tell me

"im good here"

am i ?

i CAN be good here

you see

that would be a O YEA ?

not a "omg NO"

mostly out here

so what do you think a youtube poser would be ?

i prefer the soft side though

i'm not much of a street-fighter, but

most of them are


i can hardly sit around and be pissed on

although i prefer

the working man's solution
its the shortest , easiest way out


leave the details in the middle

not just for liability i try my best to show you, not off

i think no more comments after this

i'm not sure if the old man sold more guns than i did drugs

he told me it wasn't illegal at the time so
he's not a criminal :D

like Bert

dude ...

no more comments from down here

doesn't happen in real life anyway

that's impossible

someone recently told me

(and no offense , sweetie, not even when i called you sweetie and you spread hellfire on my ass for calling you sweetie)

"you sound like : 'ive seen the joker and i dont really get this internet culture'"

i said yeah

the girl is innocent after all but

i'm older than internet-in-my-country and i DID see the joker

last time i did was hugh ledger

i havent seen one since


we are cool , right ?

if that were the case

i would certainly not be your leader

i prefer to be the cat

i LIKE to be the cat

i kinda CHOSE to be the cat

not 'your leader'

but yea

your leader is retard

its not really hard to get by

you just have to stop thinking

what's hard is

making money

actual spendable mullah

is HARD as fuck

you could give that part some thought but

that only applies here i cant speak for the other parts
of europe ?

no of the world it applies on europe

and its getting harder

maybe that's what you wanted but

it's like 60 or

hundred thousand

last time i was at metallica it was like 60

and they're pop tarts

i'm getting ready for bed

i told the psyche last week

i went for street-worker cuzz im lazy
i spent a lot of time there it would be an easy job for me but

that's not a christian thing so they wouldnt let me

you have to sweat

and tear

not do what you good at

i can code a line or two

i used to snort one too

im getting ready for bed

yes, old

and i i were

i wouldn't be explaining

i wouldnt have to

the place is starting to look more and more like Flint anyway

im a lazy man, social and psycho wouldnt be a subject unless i thought i could tackle it while sleeping

when it does?

WHEN it does

they can talk but you can't

not to me

not anymore

all the respect in the world but

it's not African America HERE

some need to grasp the concept that youtube doesn't live here and America is a WHOLE different place from tv

some should it will save time and trouble, see

REAL <-> youtube

youtube can be but

99% of life is fake, kid

its gonna hurt you

maybe they should tell you but

its not their job

they just need to ventilate

thats NOT life

that's necessity but mostly that is NOT HERE

for one thing

THEY wouldnt be so stupid as to cross the street and piss overthere

that's how everyone gets along

if we cant have that level of civilization life will be totally difficult

and shit too

aint that what you set out for ?


q ?

that's not what you set out for , well

we pledged to make it real, remember ?

no bias

yea but

that's just cos i lived there for a few years

i'm a country-boy

not a city rat

you know rat from rat, right ?

<3 gent but

never be my home

too much dust and bricks

i dont WANT to be your leader you should lead yourself

i dont do tribes

only de-centralized

for real

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