Not a Lazy Saturday - Transient Battleground on its way

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Hello everyone!

so today is definitely a busy day. If you follow the story "Fairytale of a Kingdom" which is the story used as a background for our first game, you probably know that its first arc is coming to an end. As we are moving toward the graphics of the game that are all hand-drawn, and for which we are buying assets and 3D materials to advance toward the achievement of the game, Ark Tribe launches "Wild Winds" and "Transient Battlegrounds" which are two stories meant for our digital library project.

Meet Xinxin Tao:

She is a young girl living in the country of Zhon, more precisely in the capital city: Chaozhou. She is the daughter of a low-ranked noble who office as an advisor for the court.

Despite living in the 22th century, her city has preserved its walls and castle, and they are actively in use. why's that? Because of the frequent breaches that appears and spit monsters. Through her, we'll invite you to discover the ins and outs of why those monsters comes, who they are, and how they impact the capital of this strong empire. As she walks the streets of Chaozhou, we'll invite you to learn about it too.

We hope that you will enjoy this story that will be posted while we are doing the game. The revenues from this story will be used for the game too. It will be posted unedited, as the cost of the game prevents us from editing this one. However, we will put online a full version, totally edited as soon as funds allow.

Speaking of the game, here is a screenshot of the direction we're taking for the arts and interface. We're not yet finished with the research through.

Please let me know what you think of it in the comment section, I would love to know your opinion, we are very open to critics, especially when they are constructive!

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