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I've never been so exhausted in my life and it feeeeeels so goooood. 🦊🏃💨💨💨💨 I must of passed 60 people running today expecting to hold a 100 min time, not 89 lol 😂 I told myself I'd hold the pace for the first couple miles but I felt so good I had to push it. I went from 7:30/mile to 6:44/mile after that decision (avg). Everytime I passed someone I sent out a hope and prayer I wouldn't run out of fuel before the end and get passed right near the finish. I know those were answered 🙏😇 Luckily, I only increased speed the entire 13 miles. I kept thinking of Momma Fox who couldn't run this year and how I had to push harder. It's pretty amazing what we can do when motivated. I'll never forget these 3 words, I am Unstoppable. Thank you for the mantra Tony. You are spot on. It's also amazing what you can do when you repeat those 3 words to yourself over and over and over again for an hour!! 💪 Next year I'm gonna place top 3 and get a real medal 🏅 on dat podium!! Yet, so happy with my results though, thankful for my body letting me torture it, and for all the folks that were smiling, waving, cheering us on, and ringing bells for us runners as we passed. Blessings to them! ✌️❤️🙏

#FoxOnTheRun #RunRevel #DenverRunner

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Damn! That's cool!

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Thanks brother 👊

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