Blockchain Startup Brings Its First Stablecoin To EOS

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Haven, a decentralized payment network and StaticCoin, has decided to launch EOS BlockChain and will deliver half of its new HAV token to EOs Blockchain on current HAV holders at Ethereum. Haven wants to ensure that the success of the payment network is not dependent on a blockchain.

Heaven / EOSIO partnership was announced in EOS Hackathon in Sydney, Australia to block the Heaven's plan to block unknown and work on several blockbains. Stablecoins such as Heaven's NUSD have been designed to prevent price instability and are used to enable transactions in various projects.

Blockchain agnostic

Haven told CCN through the project, "Haven has chosen to launch EOSIO Blockchain because we see the need to be Blockchain Agnostic." "If all the useful projects remain exclusive to a particular blockchain, then it will create ecosystem fragmentation, which will lead to friction to adopt decentralized systems."

Travers said that nothing will change for 100 million HAV tokens on ethereum, which will remain on ethereum. EOSIO will also have 100 million HAV tokens, half of which will be taken to the HAV holders at the airport. There is no plan to leave the ethereum with Haven.

Travers said that Haven is open to launch other blockchains in the future, but there is no immediate plan beyond focusing on EOS.

A scalable, decentralized Stablecoin

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Haven launched NUSD in June as a scalable and decentralized stable coin. NUSD tokens are supported by collateral HAV tokens, and NUSD transactions generate charges for HAV holders.

The next step is to support the next decentralized platforms by launching on EOSIO because the NUSD is live on ethereum.

Heaven's founder Ken Warwick said, "EOSIO allows more transaction throughput, which means that dApps can support significant quantities." "Our goal is to support these projects by providing a stable medium of exchange to build these projects. Many categories like decentralized marketplace or gaming apps are opened forward and are able to provide comparable transaction numbers to centralized systems. Haven is well placed in the form of a stable payment token in the mechanisms. "

Cross chain compatibility is required

Warwick said, "In this phase, cryptocurrency is still in my childhood, so it is not clear who will manage to block blockchain." "For this reason, it is important that projects providing Blockchain Infrastructure plan to provide cross-chain compatibility, therefore their success is not bound to the success of any series chosen by them."

Warwick further said, "The support of many blockchain will ensure that important infrastructure projects are available to developers, no matter what platform they choose." "Haven is committed to helping prevent fractures within the decentralized ecosystem."

"We are excited that one of the most successful Australian decentralized projects is building on Haven, EOSIO, and it was very good to have them as a guest in our Sydney Hackathon," said Serge Mellin, Head of Developer Relations in EOS Producer Block. " One. "As an open-source initiative that provides unique features to DAPP developers, the Haven Project is a welcome addition to the growing EOS ecosystem."

EOS launch in June after raising $ 4 billion Block.On has noticed that this EOSIO will invest $ 1 billion in the ecosystem.

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