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Cha keow teow is synonymous to penang. There are many quaint stalls manned by locals churning out excellent versions of this local favorites.

This stall is located at hillside tanjung Bungah. A highend expensive residential are (come to think of it, tell me where in penang island is not expensive?)

Serving only wok fried white flat noodles with cockles, chives, Chinese wax sausage, egg, bean sprouts and special chilli paste. Tossed well over a flaming Chinese wok. The place is full and you'd have to wait for a seat during peak periods.

When in penang go local and street food is a must try. And inexpensive. Less than USD2 per plate.

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Too much ckt that's y no voice liao? Hehehe....

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I think so, plus a bottle of red with dianne hehehe did the job.

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