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as the change of name; The Nigeria Prison Service to Nigeria Correctional Service became a trending and hot subject of analysis by both social and political analysts, considering the effect of the former in the society.

well, This happened to be my first time visiting the Nigeria Prison Lamingo, Jos prison and it was for the course of rehabilitation which the new name indeed stand to effect if all necessary and due processes are followed.

A group of Corp members from the National Youth Service Scheme, we were there and I was confronted with thoughts in my mind as regards certain questions like;

Will the former workers be removed with the old system?

What will be the activities to be carried out by the prisoners, or they won't be treated as prisoners any more?

But it works out with the Nigeria government, the plan will promote character building of the offenders.

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This is really a thought-provoking issue here in Nigeria. Like everywhere, prisons are meant to reform offenders, but in reality, it produces hardened criminals because the harsh conditions in prison makes inmates tougher to continue their crime once released. Not just changing the name, the Nigerian government, and world governments should see to it that prisoners are treated with dignity and kindness. Such acts change people faster than mal-treatments.

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