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Please comment with your favorite character, that you would love to see in the tournament.

Only exceptions are high powered characters like Galactus, Thanos, Darkseid, and Beyonder.
Those are just a few examples.

My goal is to start meeting all the comic book lovers on here and have a blast discussing it.

In a week I will post the bracket and then people will comment with their picks and a quick sentence why that character wins.

I will tally the Majority and announce the characters who are moving to the next round.

Look out for surprises and twists!

I hope this is fun and enjoyable.

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I’ll go semi-obscure but soon to be more mainstream... Bloodshot!


(you may want to look at editing your post tags for visibility... I think the commas are throwing them off, at least on Steemit & other front end sites. #Comics(,) isn’t showing in the #comics tag I peruse!)

Good Choice.

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Obviously Carol Danvers. Despite even the comics not doing her right at times.

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Anyone that votes, please give me a character you like. Just in the comments. You don't have to put down any of your resources. I Just want to have fun with people and enjoy good conversations.

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