❤️Speaking My Mind - Search For True Happiness Starts Inside Us❤️

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The only way to truly find happiness and the meaning of life are to start searching inside you and not around you. Once you go on a journey of finding true and liberating happiness there will be "roadblocks" which only you can solve. The quest for happiness has to be your decision only. It has to come from a heart.

It has to be YOUR decision. You have to feel it in your heart. Because heart can't tell any lies. On this journey, you will see who you really are and what is stopping you from true happiness in life. You will find out everything which happens in your life is created by you. All the pain, misery, disappointments, failures, are ALL CREATED BY YOU. You and only you are to blame. And in order to reach happiness, you have to accept all that you are.

Accept And Forgive

Because without accepting who you are or were and forgiving yourself it will be hard to find true happiness. The journey inside you will show you exactly who you are. The bad and the good it is ALL YOU. The journey to happiness starts with ACCEPTING ALL THAT YOU ARE AND STOPPING TO LIE TO YOURSELF AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU.

We have to become aware of our ways and accept them. Simple words such as I am sorry will be your "weapon" to true liberating happiness we all search for. If you TRULY want to find happiness the God and universe will show you the way. But, it is up to you to LISTEN.

Let's stop looking for HAPPINESS around us and let's start the search inside us. ♥️

Thank you all for reading, have a blessed day, much love,

awakentolife ❤️❤️❤️

❤️We are all pure simple LOVE.❤️