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This backpacker hostel was one of the cheapest in town so far as I look through Booking.com. Never had the experience of staying in any backpacker hostel before (never even did backpacking), I decided to give it a try to see what does an affordable hostel has to offer.

Hours before checking in, the staff had gave me a call to confirm on the bookings and to inform on the entrance. Due to long hours of work I arrived for check in at 10pm. The entrance was from the back alley with a stair led up to the hostel. Points of improvement they might need to look into was the fact that the stair had a smell of urine. Looks like someone failed to find the toilet, lol!

Entrance to the hostel were securely locked, however due to the doorbell not working I had to wait outside for few minutes before the staff finally notice me and open the door. He was a very nice guy though.

The hostel has this homey feel with the living area at the centre of the hostel, surrounded with rooms with bed bunks and single beds. I learned it was operated for almost 2 years, can tell by the structure of the furnitures and rooms are all quite recent.

I get to choose my bed since im the first to arrive. They provided each guest with a locker to secure their belongings and hangers. The shared toilet + shower looks clean provided with hot water too.

Early in the morning of 7.30 am self service breakfast was provided. Sandwich bread with choice of peanut butter, chocolate and butter spread, with banana and coffee or tea. Not bad for a RM15 price (be sure to book through Booking.com). For those who would like to look for a place just to crash in Kota Kinabalu and don't mind to be minimalist, you can give yourself a backpacker experience here. I thought it was worth it!

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