Science advocates to prevent hair fall

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Science advocates to prevent hair fall
There are many misconceptions about who will go to patients with hair loss or hair problems, and how to take treatment. Besides, promotional therapy is not less. How many advanced science-based medical treatments can take, there is no accurate statistics for the hair problems. At least in Bangladesh it can be said. Only Americans are spending $ 3.25 billion annually in the treatment of hair fall problems. But the American Hair Loss Association gave a worrying information. That is 99 percent of the use of the problem of hair removal is not allowed in the product. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the United States is the majority of organizations in this type of product approval and the FDA has approved the use of only two types of medicines in the treatment of hair loss. This milk powder is called miniskidil and mouth-feeding phiinastide for head skin use. In addition, other types of medicines are not permitted for hair loss problems. The American Hair Loss Association warned that those who suffer from hair loss should not use unauthorized medicines in any way, and the opinion of the organization is that most of the unauthorized products have serious side effects. There is no treatment for hair fall and it is not a disease. Hair problems due to any other body problems such as: hormonal problems, nutritional problems, mental problems, some internal organisms, hydrates, no skin diseases, dandruff etc. I myself also tell a patient that there is no permanent treatment of hair loss problem. Basically there are many types of hair problems like; Endogenic alloposia, allopia aerata, etc.

Normally, the hairstyles of any man or woman of 100 days are normal. But the lower the hair, the better it is. Not only does the solution of hair fall problem depend on treatment. Helping the right hair care and balancing the balanced diet and hairstyles. However, according to the American Hair Loss Association's guide line, we can mainly take some steps to treat hair.

For example,
One: Treatment through food medicine.

Two: the use of minxidil national medicine on the skin of the head.

Three: Treatment with Laser.

Four: Platitel Rich Plasma Therapy with Measurement.

Five: surgical treatment or hair transplant etc.

We usually treat hair problems in two ways. For example: use of oral medicine and Minxidil drug use. Essentially, the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved two medications, and most likely, some of the top local companies in Bangladesh are producing two medicines approved by the FDA. So it is undoubtedly a hope for millions of hairy patients in the country.

In the case of hair problems, the most widely used medication in the world is Progasia (Phineasatride) and Rogain (Minxidil). Fenastride is effective for men in endogenic allopasia. But the problem is that FDA approved phenotride is not for women's use. Monoxidal is the only effective for both men and women. Rule of use for 5% of menxidil-made lotion men and 2 %% for women. Minicidil hair resistance to prevent hair loss, normal hair growth and help to grow new hair. However, it should be remembered that the most widely used minicidyl and phenastide in the hairstream problems are not acceptable without any medical advice. Besides, the treatment of hair problems is important as well as proper care for medicines. Only hair removal problems can not be prevented by using medicines.

What is dandruff?
What is Khuski and why?
Dandruff or Khusky being dropped from the head to the dead skin.

The dead skin is always falling from our head and body, but we do not see it; Because its amount is very low and the quality is good.

Whenever abnormal skin falls, we can see it as dysfunction.

Reasons for Discovery:
1 / Dry Skin

2 / not wash well

3 / azima

4 / psoriasis

5 / Fungal Infections

6 / Allergens of Hair Care Products

Therefore, Khuski can be a common problem, and a serious illness can be manifested.
Simple solutions for:
The equivalent of lemon juice and pure coconut oil will be heated together. To scrub the hair at the top of the hair very smoothly. Before that hot water

Keep it on the stove. After drying of the hair, after 10 minutes after pouring a clean towel in hot water, pour some water in the stomach and put it on the towel so that it takes the heat on the hair. Thus, we will take two to three times towel / heat. If you take these therapies for three days after the next seven years, you will get rid of your head, Inshallah. I prove myself

Cleanliness is necessary for Khuski-free hair. It is compulsory to cover the pillow once a week. Clean the hair twice a day to clean the hair.

Take 3-4 pieces of lemon and boil for 4 to 5 cups of water for 15-20 minutes. Then wait for it to cool down. Use it while washing your hair. Use it for at least 1 week.

Soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek in the water all night. Then in the morning make it like a paste well. Use this paste on your hair and forehead for at least 30 minutes. Then wash it. Use at least 4 weeks for better results. Massage your lemon juice with lemon juice before going to goose. After 15-20 minutes, wash your head. Halka can massage hot ointment oil, coconut oil or olive oil on the palm of the head. Dandruff is removed. Always keep it clean. There is no alternative to dry hair dandruff and it will grow. So wash your hair cleanly every day. Slowly dandruff will be lost from your hair.

One of the hair problems is haircut and Khuski

Today I will give tips 1 .. Hope 50% will be beneficial though ...

1- Take a whisk of olive oil, a pomegranate and a cup of ginger. Kalagira does not blend ... Mix three wells in a small flame, heat it after 10/15 minutes and fill it with a bottle. 20 minutes before bathing twice a week Massage your head ... (more useful for adults)

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