Freewrite- "Never Any Longer"

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I wrote this after leaving an ex. I hadn't realized how much he turned a strong woman into a cowering fool.

People of all backgrounds and genders often love so deeply that depletion of self worth is invisible. We attempt at the impossible goal of being everything while ultimately becoming nothing.

I present my personal rant, Never Any Longer:

Never Any Longer

I was never good enough

I was never blonde enough
Never thin enough
Never fit enough
Never high enough
Never horny enough
Smart enough
Strong enough
Happy enough
Cute enough
Young enough
Old enough

My boobs were too big
My hips were too wide
My ass was too soft
My tummy was too loose
My skin was too dry
My voice was too high

My fear was too much
Sadness too often
Happiness too high
... or low
Volume loud
Nails short
Skin sick
Feet sore

Never enough.

I don't care anymore.
I was too good for him and I won't let my love for him make me hate myself any longer.

© *AnaCe' 2019

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Ok is it you in the pictures? Love the poemrant going to feature you in a blog called pay it foreward , just telling I will tag you

Thank you. ❤
I'll have a look at the blog.

Yes, that is a photo of me taken about 5 months ago. I wanted a serious, strong looking shot for this post.

Thank you.

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Um - what an asshole! Get a man who loves you wholeheartedly for you. I still actually don't believe my hubby when he says I'm perfect, but that's my issue not his - he totally adores me despite my flaws, which he says I don't have, lol.

Thank you. That's why he's gone. Do I miss him? No, not even sometimes. ☺

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He's probably right- there are no flaws. ❇

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Them some heavy words, I think a break-up forces you to realise how much you've been broken down by someone else and how much you also let yourself down but hey we all gotta learn to love, some just take the harder road

I found your post via @brittandjosie latest @pifc nomination,

Never let another define your worth as a person. If someone tries to do so they don't belong in your life.


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Thank you, I agree.
It's too often that many of us look for self worth in others- usually people who haven't found their own self worth much less a surplus for others.

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Love this @anaclark! Well said!! Thank you for sharing this, and thanks also to @brittandjosie for sharing your post in her Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry :)

Well, if he wasn't happy with who he had... he better go on and seek somebody else. you did well. You deserve someone who you like and who's willing to accept you as you are.

Congratulations on being featured by @brittandjosie in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest