Greetings to you all wonderful people of steem..... It's my pleasure today to welcome you to my blog... It's another edition of the PARTIKO lottery and I want to say a very big thank you to @moncia90 and the partiko teams for putting this together..... Today edition is about HISTORY and permit me to take you on a journey down the history of my tribe..


Once again am Charles Wealth, from the southeastern region of Nigeria.... Before the coming of the British colonial masters whom after they left brought about the formation of the country known today as Nigeria, the people of the southeastern region who are known as IGBO tribe run a very communal system of government.

Their system of government have no central power nor central government... The adminstration constitute of everyone in the community, they are all involved in the system of administration.


    This groups include all the elders in the community, they make decisions and deliberations on the issues on the land. They are strictly involved in the policy making which are generally agreed by everyone because every elders are part of this group and this group is being headed by the oldest man in the community, After agreeing on any policy, each member will then take it to their family for automatic implementation. This helps in implementing policy because it is a communal agreement and not agreement of one person, so it's being respected and carried out accordingly.

    This is a tittle given to a rich and influential people who are interested to take up the title. By the reason of this title, the holders automatically becomes a member of the council of headers which is the highest group in the community and automatically becomes part of the policy making.


    The youths serves as the police and soldiers to the community and protect the community in terms of external treats. They also take part in arresting any offenders escort evil doers that have been banished from the land to the evil forest.

    This is the messenger to the gods, they are seen as an intermediary between the gods and man. They also engage in rituals to cleanse the land in terms of hardship and often times they are consulted to know if the gods favours their land to go on a battle. They also operate as a native doctor healing the sick with herbs. They are highly respected because they have high spiritual power which can take lives of anyone nor struck anyone with strange illness. They also serve as judiciary arm of the administration, like if any offends and claim he didn't do anything, they are brought before the DIBIA and they are made to swear before the oat, the offenders are striked dead while the innocent are set free. The DIBIA serves as the last point of judiciary in terms of setting disputes etc.


This are some of the major role of people in the igbo political administration, they lived this way without any problem, a have herbs that can cure any sickness they have, their is also a magic river where barren women visit to beg for child and they get results, they have the best judiciary which are the gods themselves making it hard for anyone to take away their property. They also have the god of love where lovers take oat before and anyone that cheats on eachother dies and anyone who wants to put them away also face the music.

The pre-colonial era of the igbo administration was based on fairness and they ever lived that way before the coming of the British colonial masters....


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