Turning Dreams into Reality

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Dare to dream is a starter point that becomes a reference someone to move

You set a big dream, you need some strategy to change the dream can be changed into action

There is a closeness between dream and fantasy. But there is a line that really separates the two. Dream is what is in our minds that we move to obtain it, whereas fantasy is what is in our mind without action to realize it. So a plan, wishful thinking, ideals, if there is no action to get it then it is just a fantasy. So to distinguish it is easy, if in a day there is no effort at all to realize what is in mind, meaning that there is in the mind is a fantasy. Stop fantasizing, the fantasy fantasy becomes a dream by doing the action to make it happen

Several ways to turn dreams into action


Do not let other people manage your life, do not let the environment be your self-molding, do not let the flow of life drown you off course. Be sure of your dreams. Nothing in this world is capable of defeating self-confidence. The biggest mistake is to give up.
Live more than the ordinary, and behold, a great dream will manifest in your life


External memory of our brain is books, computers, etc. Move dreams that are in internal memory to external memory in form of writing, pictures, or video. It is very important to do so that you are always consistent with your dreams. When you feel your spirit is dim, reopen the existing dream data in external memory. Create a special media as your external memory. Thus you will be more accountable


One of the causes of dreamers failing to realize their dreams is to fail in getting started. Many dreamers tend to delay and rely on tomorrow. Finally someone who comes from another place who has the same dream, but because he started early he finally got it. That's how important it is to take advantage of opportunities. The habit of delay is a disease that must be treated immediately.

By starting then you have prepared yourself and believe that you can face any challenge. By starting then a momentum has been created that brings you to success. When others are still struggling with their dreams, you have stepped forward to realize it

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