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The September school holidays are almost upon us, and if you’re desperate for entertainment options for your little ones, consider a trip to a wildlife park. From Sept 6 to 15, Jurong Bird Park will offer free admission for local residents(Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Employment Pass holders), in the name of celebrating the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund marking its 10-year anniversary.

The creatures of flight may not be as popular as the four-legged furry ones in the zoo, but our park is actually touted as Asia’s largest bird aviary, home to 400 species — of which 20 percent are threatened. You can also find the globe’s biggest collection of Southeast Asian hornbills here, as well as native and threatened songbird like the Strawheaded bulbul, White-rumped shama, and Greater green leafbirds.

But don’t be too quick to call on your fellow cheapskates though. You’ll still have to pay for entry to eight gated areas, although they’re priced low between $2 to $4. These include the Indoor Penguin Coast, Wings of Asia, Lory Loft, Parrot Paradise, and Kings of the Skies Show. Coupons in sets of $10 will be available for purchase on site.

Other activities to look out for include meet-and-greet sessions with baby king penguins, a feeding frenzy at the Waterfall Aviary with parrots and peacocks, chats with the blue macaw keeper, water play at the bird-themed playground, and more.

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