1 Bird, 2 Bird .... 🐦

in parrot •  2 years ago 

I guess you just can’t have 1 bird. 😂
Is that a saying? Ha!


Meet our newest-newest addition, Tito!
This little guy is SUCH a lover ...
He’s from a rescue since his owner decided to leave him when they evacuated for the hurricane.
Can’t believe someone would do that.
He’s 6 years old and so incredibly smart!
A Quaker Parrot.


Due to his stressful situation, he had plucked a lot of feathers. So we are working on getting him nice and fluffy and healthy again 💚
Unfortunately his previous owner was a man who ate a lot of junk food! So Tito doesn’t like any fresh foods, fruits, veggies... nothing. Ophelia loves her homemade meals.
I’m sneaking in coconut oil, and making him pasta with the hidden veggies (muHahahaha).

Anyways, this bird LOVES my husband, so he approves of him. 😂
But the lady at the rescue said I’m cut off. Lol.

No more birds for me. Enjoy his cute little face!


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