10 Interesting Facts About India’s Parliament House

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The Parliament of India is also known as the Supreme legislative body is divided into two houses. The LokSabha or the House of People is the lower house of Parliament that represents people of India, as the members of LokSabha are directly chosen by people of India as their part in elections. The Council of State, most commonly called as the Rajya Sabha is also called the Upper House, the member of Rajya Sabha are elected by the state and few portion of the total share is chosen by President of India.

The President of India is the leader of both the houses that are together called as Legislature.


The members of Rajya Sabha are lower in population as compared to Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha is comprised of 238 members and 12 members of the total number are nominated by President Of India for the notable contribution marked in Literature, art, science and in social works. Lok Sabha has 543 members chosen by People of India through voting in different states at different point of time. The speaker of Lok Sabha is chosen by the members of Lok Sabha and for Rajya Sabha Vice-President of India took over the charge as the speaker. Below is the list of some interesting facts about Parliament of India, people should know the most powerful building in India.

Indian Parliament was Designed By ?

Design of Indian Parliament was made by two Britishers Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker. Both of these were also responsible for overall planning and construction of Delhi.

First Foundation of Indian Parliament House was laid on 12 February 1921.



  1. Time Taken to Build the Parliament House

It took 6 years and 83 Lac worth of money to get the marvellous building constructed.

  1. Parliament House Architecture

The whole circumference of the Indian Parliament House is 1/3rd of a mile (536.33 m). Design-wise the building is circular in shape which represents “Continuity”.


You’ll be amazed to know the First Floor Balcony of the Parliament House has 114 Pillars.

  1. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Both the Houses of India are horseshoe in shape.

  1. Cheap Meals

Where in India can you get a meal in Rs. 12 ?

Ans. Indian Parliament Canteen

P.S. – The subsidy on food is now being removed from Parliament Canteen, and new rates have been effective since 1 Jan, 2016


  1. Noble Passages Inscribed

Noble Passages has been inscribed on all walls and ceilings of Indian Parliament House that serve as guiding spirit for both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

The English translation of the Script is mentioned below :

“Open the door to thy people
And let us see thee
For the obtaining of the sovereignty”


  1. Number of Lifts

There are total of 6 lifts in Indian Parliament.

  1. Carpet Color of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Carpet of Lok Sabha is green in color which represents that India is an Agriculture Land and people elected in lok sabha is from grass root level.

Carpet of Rajya Sabha is red in color which signifies Royalty and also tells about the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters of India.



  1. Indian Parliament Library

Library of Indian Parliament is second largest in the world. National Library in Kolkata is the largest.

  1. Zero Hour in Indian Parliament

Question Hour is the first hour of parliament working between 11 to 12 noon. During this time MPs can put forward their questions about government policies, bills and government.

  1. Voting in Parliament

Parliamentary Voting is done electronically for different questions asked during the proceedings of the house, amendments, new bills, etc. There is a voting console with colored buttons :

Green – Yes
Red – No
Yellow – Abstain


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