RE: Asian Carp Are Jumping Into Boats Along The Mississippi River

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Asian Carp Are Jumping Into Boats Along The Mississippi River

in parley-nature •  11 months ago 

Most people I know don't like to eat Karp but you can eat them. They are like the rats of the lake. They are considered a destructive species in foreign environments. 

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I based the carp being 'edible' based on the biblical citation in Leviticus. Fish with fins and scales fall in the 'clean'-eating category. That said, I suppose it would depend on the quality of the waters from which they are fished which would determine if they were hazardous or not. It's sad how pollution makes otherwise good eats potentially toxic. I suppose a trained eye could tell if the inners of the fish look healthy.

Speaking of "rats of the lake" oddly enough people pay huge amounts for scavengers, aka lobsters, which are clearly in the unclean category, biblically speaking. That said, I try to avoid scavenger foods; but, it's good to know if I see Carp on the menu, I would definitely give it a try.

Thanks for the update.

Best regards.