Parlay (PAR) Coin System for "prediction game platform"

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Blockchain can be used in many different ways. Parlay founders have been working for quite some time to build a prediction game platform where users can use coins for gaming, votes and also earn coins.

All in all, this is a new opportunity for the gaming industry to become a "serious" competitor. The concept allows to increase revenue on the sponsors side by gaining players.


Taking the concept of prediction games to a trustless peer-2-peer system, Parlay is a blockchain based platform that connects users from all over the world to take part in games running on the system, or create their own ones.
The decentralization model allows for a bookie-free system, where people can place their predictions directly on running games. Users with successful outcomes are paid in BTC/PAR pair and vice versa.


The platform also uses the Proof of Stake model rather than Proof of Work – as PoW would mean a significant increase of the computational power needed from users. This has another advantage – the PoW system is difficult to turn off or on compared to PoS. The platform has also designed its primary nodes in such a manner that makes it easy for users who have little experience in running them. This will allow any level of user to operate nodes, and means that the platform can have multiple servers running quickly and easily.


Official Website : Parlaychain
Twitter : Parlay-Twitter
Discord : Parlay-Twitter
Github : Parlay-Github

Download Wallet : Wallet-Client
Parlay Explorer : Blockexplorer
Whitepaper : PAR-Whitepaper
Email: contact

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