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 Parkres is an easily adoptable Green,Clean and Smart Parking Reservation Platform that is accessible over a public API and freely available mobile applications. By utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain and PARK Utility Tokens,PARKRES will offer a variety of solutions and smart contracts that will directly benefit a wide spectrum of stakeholders within urban metropolises and smaller cities PARKRES  provides a state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across a city and parking lots.It employs an IoT (Internet of Things)based sensor network to track and monitor the parking spots across parking locations to suggest or allow you to reserve parking spots closest to your destination in advance.  This revolutionary service saves countless time,hassle,traffic congestion, fuel and paper waste as transactions are made with the PARKRES cryptocurrency and payments can be made by phone,online,auto payments, or monthly subscriptions. System also allows making payments by FIAT currencies and credit cards if user chose to do so over digital currencies.  


  •  These are no small amounts of money to waste just on parking.  
  •  Because of outdated technology and unreasonable rates, drivers also end up paying for hours of parking that they do not need  
  •  Reasons for this include having to pay for a minimum of two hours while only needing 30 minutes  
  •  Paying for extra hours out of fear for parking tickets.  
  •  On average, drivers in the U.S. overpay for 13 hours per year while drivers in the U.K. do the same for 45 hours  
  •  Traffic Congestion and Delays due to parking hunters in the cities causing pollution and carbon monoxide emission in the environment, which adds up to global warming. 


 Can traditional parking players provide fast, efficient, affordable parking services to businesses and individual’s need? The answer is NO. They can simplify their front-end operations, but the machinery behind it still causes problems because of the way it is structured.  Parkres Solution Provides:

  1.  real-time parking availability,  
  2.  advanced parking reservation, 
  3.  advanced payment and navigation to parking.  
  4.  Notifications and updates about traffic congestion 
  5.  Alternate parking spot suggestions 
  6.  Parking airbnb system, to help reduce parking scarcity in the city 


 This figure shows the high-level enterprise architecture of the PARKRES System. It is highly scalable and flexible and makes use of latest technologies for its implementation. The customer operations and front office operations will be made available on all popular devices like iPhone, Android, Windows and over Web. Data will be served over a secured cloud network. The core component consists of IoT sensor modules, which relays events to IoT gateway. IoT gateway aggregates the event and transforms the data into a machine-readable format. With the help of machine learning and data analytics, the system will be able to optimize the parking search over time and provide the most accurate locations in the least time on customer’s devices. Back office operation will be available to support customers 24/7 with any issues or concerns they have regarding their bookings, use of the system, use of consoles, or any other technical difficulties. 

Thank you for reading.

To know more about this project, you can visit:

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