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PARKRES system consists of hardware components like sensors, transponders, gateways, multiplexers, transmitters etc. and also many software modules and components. Below is the system interaction and component network diagram for PARKRES system. 

  • Parking Cluster: It’s a mesh of multiple parking facilities across a city. Each city is divided into a cluster. Similarly there will be multiple clusters for different cities. Each cluster will talk to a dedicated gateway and network server. These parking clusters will be equipped with IoT sensors and transponder network, which communicates parking spot change events to gateway 
  •  Parking Console: It’s a electronic device that would read Universal Identification Number from user’s device. UIN will be in the form of a QR code. User’s PARK wallet address will serve as their UIN on Parkres network. Parking Console will scan the UIN and presents a touch screen with available parking spot for selection and reservation. Once User selects a spot, a transaction will be triggered to contract on blockchain. 
  •  IoT / Sensor Gateway: Gateway is a device, which is capable of receiving all the IoT and Sensor communications. Sensor network from parking facility will communicate the event data to gateway. Gateway then feeds this to network servers in batches. 
  •  Adapter: Adapter is a software component, which provides capability of data transformation, orchestration, data enrichment, data translation, aggregation, routing and data massaging. Different devices on network talking different technologies can communicate through adapter. 
  •  Cloud: Data center will be hosted on cloud. It will store the metadata and transactional data received from different gateway modules and software components. Data is stored and read from cloud via big data, queryplex framework. This will serve as a source for Business Analytics and Telemetry for business development and expansion. 
  •  Devices: Devices can be mobiles devices like iPhone, Samsung etc. or Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, which will allow users to perform parking discovery, reservations and required transactions. 
  •  Smart Contract: PARK smart contracts, written in solidity, controls the transactions performed during parking reservation. Smart contract will hold the parking charges once the user scans UIN at the parking location or at the start of the reservation slot. When User leaves the parking spot, Sensors activates the network and triggers a confirmation to contract, contract then transfers the amount equivalent to parking time used to PARK wallet and reverses any access amount back to user wallet. 
  •  Network Servers: Network Servers receives the data and events from different systems in the network and store them over to cloud. They form the backbone of the ecosystem. Every data transaction directly or indirectly goes through Network Servers 


  1.  List a Spot: Use parkres application to list your available parking spot 
  2.  Confirm Booking: Once listed and validated, the spot will be shown to parking seekers. Driver submits an inquiry for you spot, you approve it, and rent out your parking spot. 
  3.  Get Paid: Once the booking is approved by you, transaction will be automatically trigger on Parkres smart contract, and you will receive funds in your park wallet. You would be able to transfer funds to any wallet, or account you want or simply leave them in you secure Park wallet. 
  4.  Find a spot: Find a Parking spot by postal code or address, select a desired facility from the available result shows. After comparing the parking rates, select a desired parking spot on the screen. 
  5.  Reserve your spot: Once you have selected the desired spot, click "Book this Space". That's it, your spot is reserved and waiting for you.
  6.  Park: Just drive to the reserved location with the help of parkres navigation system and park your car. PARK tokens will be automatically deducted from your PARK wallet for the amount of time you used parking spot for. 


Token Symbol: PARKRES (PARK)

Token Standard: ERC20 (Ethereum)

Tokens Issued: 200 000 000 PARK

Tokens available for ITO: 85 000 000 PARK

May 1st to July 15th (Private Sale):10 000 000 PARK

Aug 15th to Sep 15th (Pre-ITO sale): 20 000 000 PARK

Nov 1st to Nov 30th (Public sale): 55 000 000 PARK

70% bonus - Private sale
15% bonus – Pre-ITO
10% - Referral Bonus

Token price at launch of sale: 1 PARK = 0.5 USD

Currency: BTC, ETH




Thank you for reading.

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