Hello Sun! I am am ready to align with my purpose!

in paris •  2 years ago  (edited)

How the sun changes everything! We can meditate on the sun, make an exercise where we focus on filling our body with sun energy. But, it is not always easy to remember and if we could only be better at following trough on our intentions.
I have become very aware that humidity does not agree with me at all. I don't handle it well and this whole winter I have been dreaming of the sun.

Finally we are having some sunny days. How it changes everything! Hello sun! I am so happy to see you. I walk out early and remember that I am blessed, surrounded by so much beauty, that I have amazing manifesting powers and that the universe is of course there to assist me and open up new doors.

The sun just makes it so much easier to remember and I it hope and joy for things to come.

I took this photo of the Seine crossing Pont Sully. I really enjoy morning walks.

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