Do Kids Stop You From Following Your Dreams?

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When I talk to friends or family about 'working for yourself' and not the Man...the most common response I hear:

Well, I have a it wouldn't be right to do that...

I nod without saying much and change the subject.

I quit my job with $70,000 in debt + a 6-figure mortgage BECAUSE I HAD A KID!

To boot...

My wife's original plan was to go back to work after the kid. After laying eyes on our little beaut, she looked up at me sad-eyed and begged to stay home with her.

I had more debt than income, but we said yes. I plundered cash until we had about $15,000 in savings.

Then I quit.

You're not hearing this to toot my own horn or pat myself on the back. Actually, for years I thought the same way others did. "I need to start a business before I have a kid or I'm doomed..."

I found out it's quite the opposite...


Because I want my kid (and wife) to see I followed my greatest desire. And I do it for them. When they get older, they'll see I toiled and plowed for years to follow my dreams.

Then, they are much more likely to do the same. That's why many entrepreneurs you read about come from families who started their own business.

If that's not you...find the motivation from somewhere else. Get working!

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Good stuff. Always follow your dreams! Most importantly though, follow them with sound strategy!


With kids it can be simply need to sleep less unfortunately :D

If you have your family's support u surely can do anything. Great post. Keep posting mate


Sometimes it's tough to get their support...that's when you need to lead by example and prove them wrong. It's an awesome feeling, but once they're on's awesome!


Yeah it's true. You are right.