Everybody wants a baby of their own

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Giving birth is an amazing feeling. Though it is the most painful process, it is worth the pain. Caring comes naturally to humans when it is your own offspring. I guess god has designed us that way. Humands care for their own child a lot more than they do to someone else's.
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My next door neighbors are a live in couple in their mid 40's. The lady is a divorcee with a 15 year old daughter and the man is never married. I have been having them next door since a little over an year and they are a happy family with no fights. The man maintaines his distance from his partners daughter and she does the same. I was all praises for the man who gave life to a divorced single mother, but i was shocked to know she was pregnant. Nobody suspected her to be pregnant and very soon last week she delivered a beautiful angel.

The man who the entire neighborhood thought was great to leave the opportunity to have his own child for the sake of his partners teenaged daughter is now finally a father to his own biological daughter. The mother who concieved really late is now recovering from her delivery and is very weak. The daughter is happy that she now has a half sister. I just hope the family doesn't ignore their teenager.

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Yeah but every mom is a star in every family bcz they face lots trouble of being a good mother

Yeah. Lovelyy post

The picture of the baby is so cute