💕Valentine's Day Cards - Craft Project 💕

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With Valentine's Day only being a few days away, I thought I'd share with you this really cute idea for creating your own, personalized Valentine's Day cards.

I first created these with the kid's years ago as you can see from the pics - they're so young 💕

collage 2.png

Super simple idea but they always get a fantastic reaction. Great for them to share with their friends or grandparents 😊

What you'll need:

  • Suckers/lollipops
  • Photos printed out
  • Hole punch or sharp knife or brad


1.Take a photo of your willing victim with their hand clenched. Another variation would be to take the shot from the side with them "holding" their hand out. Play around until you get the pose you want.


2.Edit and add any Valentine's Day "stickers" to the photo

3.Print the quantity of photos you need either at home or your local store

4.Punch a hole above and below their fist


5.Insert a sucker

6.Pass them out and share the love X♡X♡

collage 2.png

This idea can be modified for other Holidays too. Candy canes at Christmas for instance or a flower for Mother's Day 🌻

Cate .png

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Original content by @redwellies


@redwellies said: "Super simple idea" like:

i'll try with my daughter :) thanks for sharing!!

hmm i think i'll use for myself as well but instead of a lollipop I will use the steering wheel of a lambo;) my wife will fall in love again lol

btw: lovely kids <3 congrats!

@beiker Thanks! and I'm sure your wife will fall in love with you all over again #redlambo or not :)

What a great idea :-)

@matthewwarn Thanks! I've been known to have them on the rare occasion ;)

I’m afraid my boy won’t give it to my wife or me, he’ll cling to the lollipop can’t let go of the picture. :-)

@prch LOL... that's funny :) You should make it with him, they are super cute and a great keepsake too :)

Super cute. I love it. It is so expensive to print pictures here and mail doesn't exist so getting pictures mailed in isn't an option. :( Sad. But this is a great idea. Guess I could use a photo printer. :) Why are pictures so expensive and poor quality to print off here? I have no idea! Maybe we get the reject machines from elsewhere in the world. ;) Have a good one.

@apanamamama That's too bad :( Maybe make some for other holidays when you're back in the US or for Father's Day and give to daddy :) I use a photo printer here as I'm too impatient to wait for a service lol :)

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