The Business of Parenting - Our New Adventure Begins!

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Parenting as a Service (PaaS)

Now that my daughter’s birth is only a month away, I’m gonna start documenting the adventure here on Steemit. Sure, in most respects, it’s just another baby on the way but I’ve noticed that eyebrows tend to raise when I mention my unusual approach to it. Simply put, I treat the matter as a business venture. As far as I’m concerned, parenting is a service and so it follows that parents are service providers. With this firmly in mind, everything ends up looking quite a bit different. Since I’m straying from conventional perception, some may take offense at some of what I say along the way and I’m okay with that. My goal will never be insult but nevertheless, jimmies are sure to be rustled.

My partner and I aren’t all that different than any other pair of friends that decided to start a business together as equal partners. With my real estate development business, Fort Galt, I already have some valuable experience with this. In that business, which is a little over three years old, I have three equal partners and it has been full of ups, downs, and important lessons along the way.

Pros and Cons of Partnerships

Unlike the speed and efficiency of sole-proprietorships or single parent domestic dictatorships, equal partnerships can be a bit slower at times because of the need to reach agreement before implementing policies and taking significant actions. Sometimes, compromises have to be made and this isn’t always fun when you’re the one giving up ground for the greater good. Nevertheless, I still firmly believe it’s the best way to go because it ensures that nobody steamrolls over anyone else, which would create all kinds of animosity and could seriously damage the business. Countless companies have fallen apart because of that sort of thing so the inconvenience of having to arrive at a consensus would appear to be an acceptable price to pay.

Motivation to Go Above and Beyond

I came out of my childhood very dissatisfied with my parents’ performance. As a result, I committed to thoroughly studying the subject of parenting before ever having children myself. I couldn’t help but noticing how few parents bother to study the subject at all and it struck me as very strange. We’re always told to study before the most trivial of exams in school and if we fail those tests, we’re chastised for not preparing enough. Isn’t raising a child vastly more important than any test one could possible take in school? Shouldn’t we then prepare even more for it? Why are most people content to just fumble through it all the way their own parents did? Is it because they don’t want to face the truth of their own parents’ failure? Would they rather pretend that they “turned out just fine” than admit that they were probably messed up pretty good? Whatever the reasons, it seems to be a perpetual pattern of unprepared parents raising kids to become unprepared parents. For my partner and me, this is all about breaking that pattern and committing to provide our little client with the best service possible. The working theory is that by disrupting the old ways and establishing a much higher standard, we can do our part to produce a new generation of vastly more peaceful and productive individuals.

Underlying Principle

In keeping with the rest of our lives, my partner and I are basing all of our policies and decisions on the Nonaggression Principle, which we apply consistently to all sentient beings. As such, we consider children to be just as deserving of basic property rights as everyone else. As a sentient creature, our daughter owns her own body and cannot rightfully be treated as property. This unfortunately means that we can't adopt many of the parenting norms we grew up with. We had to rethink everything from the ground up and make sure that logical consistency is maintained as we serve our new little client.

Until Next Time

There’s an endless number of sub-topics to cover and they’re all interconnected so rather than trying to do everything at once, I’ll try to keep these entries down to a reasonable length. I’ll write about various things as they come up and you can contribute to the process as well. We’d like to extend an open invitation to everyone that’s interested in parenting to follow our blog here and feel free to chime-in however you like. Questions and criticisms are always welcome and we’ll do our best to keep the conversation flowing in a productive manner. One day, our young one will be able to look back at these entries and see how it all began. Thanks in advance for whatever role you play in writing her story.

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It seems to me that the reason so many people feel the need to use fiscal discipline is to compensate for the lack of integrity they display the rest of the time, it’s a kind of band-aid over the larger problem that they haven’t bothered or managed to be worth listening to or to make their words have white without threats to back them up.
It does take a lot of mindfulness to think carefully about your words and actions and maintain that sort of entegraty throughout all your interactions with someone.


I assume you mean physical, not fiscal, right? ;)
Yeah, it's just the lazy way. The lazy way to get people to do what you want is to just hit them. Peace requires negotiation, which requires using your brain at least a little bit.

I wish you the best in your new (family) venture!


Thanks, Matthew!

I really wish my parents had a functional customer service department :/


yeah, that's not something you can just outsource to India :-/

Unfortunately, nobody will ever pay you to parent, so it's a loss preventing business venture at best.

I do like the 'service provider' outlook, I have it myself. As a parent, I am sick and tired of being the 'product' or the consumer of various gadgets and philosophies, all of which would like for me to believe that parenting is more of a duty than a right, all of which exaggerate the difficulty, all of which are deeply ignorant of the real challanges. As of such, I parent from the view that 'everybody has babies, it's probably not that hard', and refuse the narrative of the day. What's better, nursing pillows or the football hold? how about, I don't care.


I'll go into the business and revenue model more in an upcoming article. ;)

I definitely agree with your perspective regarding how easy it is to procreate though. Every other animal does it so there's really nothing to admire about the biological aspect. I grew up on a farm and am glad that I had a decent amount of room to wander and get into trouble. I definitely prefer that to the neurotic and paranoid type of parenting that has become common today where kids are kept indoors and not allowed to explore and experiment for themselves. There's being responsible and then there's being an oppressive control freak.


I'm like a parent from opposite land.

Other parents: DON'T PLAY IN THE MUD, you'll get your sneakers dirty!!!!

Me: Your sneakers are still clean. Don't you want to play??


Exactly! If they own their own sneakers than who the hell am I to tell them not to get them dirty?

I wish I would have seen this earlier so I could have resteemed/upvoted. Can't wait to follow your journey here in this new business venture!!! :)

This will be an amazing ledger of your child's life. I respect the alternative mindset/approach to parenting that you are taking. My partner and I have recently talked about having a child - we would both be mothers! It's a lot to take in. I'm looking forward to learning more about your journey @piedpiper ! Also thank you for helping me withdraw my first batch of sbd today ;)

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