Smart Parenting...

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To be a parent is another grand task, its a whole lot different from getting formal education and having dozens of academic accolades. Anyone thinking of starting a family isn't playing game, its a life long commitment that could be fun and hard at the same time. As a father or a mother, this is where those years of experience as an adult comes to play in full as you raise your kids to be respective and responsible members of a society.

Nobody is fully qualified to be a parent, its a learning process that doesn't stop. Like the father in the image, he must have been dying to take a nap but the kids won't allow it, especially if you have more than one; that's a big time chore. So the dad pretends, he asked his kids to make a painting of him taking a nap!

Isn't that Hilarious? Fact is, handling toddlers never comes with a manuscripts, each parents writes one that works for them or might not work. Kids are a blessing, the Holy Scripture calls them the Heritage from the Lord. But these toddlers could be a arm full of troubles, lack of sleep, too much damages in the house and finally the sick and feeble ones that needs extra 120% attention all the time.

Despite this highlights, everyone still wants to have maybe two or more children. I want mine soonest and I'll be dammed not to train them to be respective and to become less of a nuisance to my community.


Are you planning to have kids? I see parenting as a common theme in your posts.

Haha, yessss! Once i get the girl of my dreams to marry.