Got Milk? How Long Is Enough?

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Got Milk?


I breastfed @futurefarmers #1 for 18 months until the milk started turning clear. I was pumping at work to keep the flow going but 18 months is it.

With the 2nd futurefarmers, she breastfed for 15 months and stopped because I got pregnant with #3.

After #3 was born and I had plenty of supply, she joined the boobie bandits wagon and breastfed for another 2 and a half years.


I guess I can say I got milk.


2nd futurefarmer nursing after a homebirth. I think I look better here than at the hospital with the first one

I joined a workshop for expecting mothers and we had a nurse speaker about breastfeeding.

She breastfed all 6 of her babies until they were done. She was pregnant with the 7th when she did the workshop. Amazing huh?

Her husband had allergies and their children hardly have any. And that's because of the level of immune system they have compared to their daddy who wasn't breastfed.

With that remarkable testimony, who can argue against breastfeeding?

You can disagree and that's ok. But I'm strongly advocating for mommies who can breastfeed should breastfeed their babies.

The boost to their developing bodies is incredible. Not to mention the fact that you burn calories when you're breastfeeding.

And oh, did I also mention, it's a natural way of birth control? Why you ask?

Exclusive breastfeeding delays the return of menstruation and fertility

I can vouch for it. The longest time I didn't have my monthly period is 18 months.

1st futurefarmer nursing a few minutes after he was born...and continued nursing for 18 more months

So, how long should you breastfeed?

Just like the mommy who came and talked to us:

For as long as you can

I know there will be trying times. I know there will be painful times. Ouch... yeah, babies do bite.

But express on pun intended.

These little beings won't be little forever and they need all the boost we can give them to the best of our ability - nourishment, love, care.

When they're done, they're done. And I kid you not, you will miss the moments that you are nursing.

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Hi. I've delegated you some extra SP for your efforts with the Steem Flag Rewards community. Use it well


You are one awesome gentleman @steevc. I will use it well.

The kiddos love watching your openmic. Which makes me realize how I should do it to...when I do an open mic. I need to grow a pair and just jam like you do.

Thank you for writing this, Mama. I'm in my 7th month nursing and though it hasn't been easy, it's worth it. I keep reminding myself that I signed up for this, so it's not a burden but an honor. I told myself I'm gonna enjoy this as much as I can for as long as I can. Sending you lots of hugs, xx


Baby cutie needs that super food so it's all worth it. Don't you just love it when he's happily nursing and you are able to provide that? I always thank the Lord for this simple blessing. Some babies aren't breastfed from Day 1 - some because of unforeseen problems, some because of lack of knowledge and support.

Thank you for keeping on!

Breast is best! I definitely agree with you @lovenfreedom! 13 months and going strong. But he didn't bite for long so it's a special time for both of us


Yay! 13 months and going that's wonderful. I love it that more and more mothers are now opting to breastfeed longer. Very very special bonding time.

4th baby accidentally bites me when she gets all excited and goofy. When I cry out she knows she hurt mama so she latches gently afterwards.

I think my longest was 15 months. So thankful I was able to nurse all of mine. Wish I would have gone longer with the others. Such a special time.


15 months is spectacular. I'm glad you were able to nurse that long. Some babies wean early so 15 months is quite a feat. I love this time with every one of our babies, I'm blessed that I can nurse them on demand.

These days I can eat a lot and the calories burn naturally. Then when non-nursing days come, I have to watch it or it'll add up fast.

While there are sometimes complications and health issues that make natural breastfeeding impossible, you demonstrate that expressing and bottle feeding can mitigate some of them. I find the arguments for breastfeeding compelling across the board.

However, there are probably limits to how long nursing should be done. Breastfeeding teenagers is probably long past those limits, even if it is possible to do for some.



Oh my, hahaha, my supply doesn't allow for that long. I haven't thought about that possibility. Although by the time they're teens they might prefer meat (ie solid food) rather than just a drink.

Goes to search for really extended breastfeeding.

Oh my again! There are moms breastfeeding 9 or 10 years old. I wonder how they have that much supply!


The ability to nurse, like most natural functions, is variable. There have even been cases where men were able to breastfeed. After all, we do have nipples.

I rather wonder why they would continue, even given the strength of the bond that grows between mothers and their children while nursing. I'm pretty sure that after kids get their teeth nursing is more a supplement to solid food than the reverse.

Yep, milk keeps pregnancy away, at least for a good year and a half for me. I am a proud milk machine for my two babes as well.


Hahaha, I call myself a milk machine too. It's incredible how all that milk production goes - pretty amazing. How intelligent the system is that the milk adapts to the baby's needs.

Having no period is a wonderful benefit.

Excellent article! Yes, it's true. Nursing (or breastfeeding) is so special for mother and baby. I loved nursing my little one and did it until he was 23 months old. What a blessing!