Why do we Outsource Parenting?

in parenting •  last year

When we look at the role of family in the bigger picture of society - we can easily draw similarities in the family unit being a micro factory unit.

How come the family as taking in this position, and is this the best way to structure and design our life in order for each one of us to reach and live their utmost potential?

What's the point of life - unlimited economic growth - or the pinnacle of human well being?

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Upvoted and resteemed! From a fellow mom, thank you for this post! Much love @sweetpea

This is a great point and something I struggled with at times. There was a year I worked for a company that left me so little time I almost never saw my kids. Even though I worked from home, the load was so heavy I would be in the office day and night. We hired a nanny and housekeeper. Even though the nanny was wonderful, she wasn't me and I saw that strain in my daughter.

I'm happy now that things are lighter with the job I'm in. Still work from home, no nanny, and lot's of flexibility so I can be the one who is there for my kids.

Thank you for addressing this really important issue!


Thanks @jrhughes - I find this is one of the foundational blocks of society we need to change and would have such huge beneficial outflows!