Kids have bad days too

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Kids are just mini humans

My Lewis was super tired and emotional this morning. He woke up and instantly crawled into bed next to me and fell back asleep. My intial reaction was trying to wake him up 20 minutes later, he immediately began crying. It then became apparent to me that he was legitimately having a rough time. Rather than put him on the bus to school in such a state, I decided to let him sleep it off. He would either wake up refreshed in an hour or two and I would take him to school, or he would still having a rough time and have mental health day spending the day with me. Fast forward nearly 5 hours and he is still asleep, I don't know if day light savings time or some sort of bug is the culprit, but little dude is still snoozing. I have so much laundry I need to go do at the laundromat, but I am practicing patience and will go when he wakes up.

kids have bad days too

Some days I need a nap before I can function, and with the exception of a few obligations, I take one. I myself have avoided obligations and slept, or cried or binge watched tv, on days when I felt particularly rundown or overwhelmed. I can't hold my 8 year old to a higher standard than I myself am sometimes unable to fulfill. Kids are just mini verisons of adults, and we can only do, what we can only do. One day of missed school will not have any sort of lasting effect on him or his education. One day of mental turmoil might. I can't fix everything for my kids, but I could fix this one thing, today.

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He will wake up refreshed and happy!!! Much love!!!

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