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The kids have been in a mood lately. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that @chackett is leaving to start his new job on Sunday. He'll be gone for 20 days. We're gonna miss him tons, but we have video chat. We've just been trying to spend as much time together as a family as we can before he leaves.

Tomorrow we plan on doing our Easter egg hunt. The kids are so excited for that. River told me this morning that the Easter Bunny is hiding outside in the bushes and waiting to leave them eggs. haha!
Today though they were extra restless and just not behaving. I find distraction and keeping busy to be key in handling days like this. While they were napping I used Canva to whip up a few toddler friendly scavenger hunt sheets. I figured I'd share them here in case any other mamas want to print them and give it try.

The twins loved this activity. I gave them each a colored pencil and let them have at it. They were all over the yard looking for things so I didn't get hardly any pictures. These are absolutely free for anyone to print and use. They were also very easy to make if you want to customize yours. Most any program you use will have some free clip art that should cover the basics. Have fun! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the weekend. Love and light to all!
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Nice prints. Do you just save them as images before you print them?

Good luck while Poppa is gone ❤️❤️❤️


Yep, just save and print. 😁

These are really cute scavenger hunt printables! That is definitely a fun activity to do when the kids are being restless and full of energy but not sure how to express it.

My two boys are excited for Easter as well. My 4 year old tagged along with me to the 7 years old classroom party and egg hunt and he had a blast. We will be doing at least two other egg hunts over the weekend as well.

You better go check those bushes to make sure it isnt the town drunk! lol Thanks for sharing this, im printing them out now!


Haha! Apparently it was peppa pig who gave her that idea. We were watching it yesterday and the Easter bunny was hiding in a bush. I was like, so that's where you got it! 🤣🤣


It’s so amazing when they learn something, and your like “where the heck did you learn that!?” Lol

My kids LOVE scavenger hunts! I am definitely printing these off for Spring Break next week. I know they will be "bored" at least 243 times during the week haha :)

What a good way to have fun and spend some energy for sure they enjoyed a lot I hope you have a good day. Thank for sharing @khackett take care and do not worry 20 days go by very fast.

Here in Venezuela that is not celebrated, the search for Easter eggs, but my daughters, they always see it in many cartoons. My daughter Sofia Isabella who is 7 years old today I wonder why. And he said, "Dad, I'd like to look for Easter eggs," I explained that we do not do that here. But I saw his face of disappointment, so I invented them, to hide, our apartment is 82 square meters. my daughters, you have many small balls, so I started to hide them and told them to find them, I offered them a prize, they love the popcorn and chocolate, as I do not have it today, I told them that tomorrow I bought them. Thanks to the understanding of the girls they understood that. So tomorrow they will have their chocolate,

This is a great idea! We sometimes do nature walks but I hadn't thought of adding a scavenger hunt to it! I'm sure the kids love it. :)

Thank you @khackett for sharing this very nice scavenger hunt printables! I have a four-year old son and he will definitely love this.😍

I love the idea if scavenger hunts. It’s something I always think to do, but never get around to making the lists for them. Lovely post, I enjoy the caring and sharing. Thank you!


You know, i tried googling for free scavenger hunt pages and came up empty handed. I figured I could probably just make some. So I did. 😂 And i always say to the twins that sharing is caring, so I should share. 😊

I can't remember the last time that I got excited about hunting for easter eggs. Maybe that's why it's so important to have kids around to remind you how to see things with the innocence of children. The wonder and mystery that they experience is something that gets lost as we learn how things work, but it's nice to remember it... even if just for a moment or two. Have fun with the kiddos!


It's so much fun to see how excited they get. 😍


I got together with some family today and there were a few candies for me to find. I just sort of strolled around until I got them. I'm glad they thought of me, but it wasn't as urgent as it was decades ago when candy was such a big deal. I think the minimal competition also factored in. I need to get some youngsters out there to make me go faster. Then again, I know it would mean a lot to them, so I'd probably just let them have the candy. Ha ha. :)

So generous of you to share this with us! Are you feeling all better now? Take care and remember you have us at #steemmamas to not feel alone as your husband is off to his new job :)

Happy Easter @khackett!


You're welcome! I'm pretty much recovered, a bit of a sinus infection, but I can function at least with that. Lol.

What a cute idea. Thanks for sharing!

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hello, my name is Camora. Are there any kids channels on dtube?


I'm not really sure. If not, there should be! 😊💜

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