FUTURIST DAD S1E3 (Oops! Forgot to post this one 🤷‍♂️)

in parenting •  4 months ago

Futurism meets fatherhood in this third episode of Futurist Dad. In this episode, I'll talk about my stay in San Francisco where I helped a Japanese food startup with their crowdfunding video.

I'm also reviewing the Bullet Proof Collagen Protein bar. My son and I are diving into insect snacks, we grow Yellow Pointy peppers in our kitchen, and I try a prototype of the new Jimmy Joy Bar.

Such content!

✂️ Video Breakdown
00:00 Intro
00:12 Airport SF / Morning Routine
01:41 Trust my gut feeling
03:47 BulletProof Collagen Protein Bar
04:50 Insect snack with my son
07:11 Announcement
07:27 Yellow Pointy Peppers
08:20 Jimmy Joy Proto Type Bar
09:31 Outro

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📌 I don't have a medical background. I am not a nutritionist. I'm an autodidact and obtain all my knowledge through personal research. I also value anecdotal evidence. None of the information I provide should be viewed as a guideline or advice.

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