New job, new opportunity, new challenges-parenting vs working

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Nico Dives Cool here I go !! Blue ocean, colourfull fishes and wet hair is soon to be my new obsession

I am thrilled to announc that very, very soon, actually tomorrow I will start a totally new job in a dive center .


Basically I will work at organising the trips and dives for the clients from the office. I am very much happy about that as I was looking for a job since already a few months and this is one of the only respectable options that I had .

The great thing is that It's basically 10 minutes away from my house and owns by French fellows !!


I do not know much about diving but It's a world that interest me, I am deffinitelly an outdoor person so love the idea to work in relation with the nature ( even from the office ahaha )

Nico Dives Cool is actually the first diving center in Bali on trip advisor and a quality-care company.


Anyway, It's a very happy but also sad moment for me as I won't be able to pass that much time with my daughter annymore. Yes, I will be working 6 days per week , 8 hours per day !!

I will surely miss her very much and I cherish every moment with her.

I have been working only now and then since she is born and I loved to be a-mum-at-home, unfortunatelly for money reason I have no other choice than going back to work.


However, I am looking forward to start in this amazing company and have a bit of 'myself-time'.

see you soon Nicodivescool !!


Best of luck with this! I am sure you will love it.

Have given you a resteem & pinned you at the top of my FB group ;)

Thank you Sam, much appreciated !!
Yes gonna love It and try to enjoy It as much as I can

Way to go

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