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in parenting •  last year

In my humble opinion, I think the idea of setting aside some Steem for your children and loved ones is a great concept! Can you imagine if someone had done that for their kids back when Bitcoin came on the scene?

Hey, I'm not here to say that Steem is going to perform anywhere close to what Bitcoin has or if it will even rise another penny beyond its current level...... Because there are no guarantees in this life. Having said that, I do feel that it is always a good idea when you can do something that you feel is meaningful for the future of those who are special in your life!

Way back in the day, parents would invest in stocks or savings bonds for their kids as a way of taking a chance on building a better future for them. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but the parents did the best that they could. In other words, they took the risk and did it with love and a good heart!

These are the thoughts that are running through my mind and so I thought I would share them within this video blog for you to also ponder. Remember, that when it comes to investments, you have to do your own due diligence and seek the advice of a financial adviser before investing. The views expressed here are not intended to be interpreted as investment advice.

I look forward to seeing what the next few months and years will hold for Steem and I can't wait to enjoy the journey in the process!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my video blog and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend! Thank you for supporting my content and don't forget that you can follow me @breakingtonight

Have a wonderful night! :)

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I have done so, I spent time explaining it all too..


That's terrific! Glad to hear it! Have a great evening, @surfyogi


@surfyogi i just checked out ur stuff and Ur amazing, followed

I think it's a really great idea. All the money I earn from here goes into savings to give my daughter a better future. I don't know if I would keep steem for 18 years as she grows but I would invest in different cryptocurrencies over that time. I am curious too to see how steem does long term.


I think it's wonderful that you are doing something like this for your daughter! I commend you! Yes, it will be interesting to see how it all goes years from now! Time will tell! Thanks for your comment! :) Have a wonderful day, @marxrab

I 100% agree with this. I am trying to get Steem soon from mining and what not too, pretty soon it will start flowing up and in the future Steem will be worth way more.


Good luck on the mining and I hope you're right about the future of Steem....That would be way cool, @blockchainevo

Definitely a good idea


Excellent work dear friend @breakingtonight, you are very right in what you say, I also believe that this criptomoneda will surprise us many, many thanks for your opinion and your experience.
Have a beautiful sunday


I'm looking forward to seeing what the future may hold! I believe it will be a bright one! :)
Thanks so much for appreciating my content, my friend! Have a wonderful Sunday, too! @jlufer

Yes, why not set aside some steem for your loved ones. As you point out, no investment comes with a guarantee, and especially in the current marketplace and times we are in, even investments once considered 'safe' are now risky! So I think adding some steem to the mix is a wise choice and it may even turn out to be the best performer in your portfolio!


I think your words reflect a great deal of wisdom, @eyeofthestorm and so I would definitely agree a hundred percent! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and comments! Have a very good day! :)


You too, my friend. Steem on! :)


Thank you very much, my friend! Yes, we shall Steem on, indeed! :)

Buying Steem for gifts and for young children is a great idea. By the time they grow up who know what it could be worth. Great idea!! Resteemed!


Exactly! It's a way of doing something special for them that could potentially impact their future for the positive! :)

Yup, hardcore yes! Set them up with 5 or 10 of each and every coin that comes out! (maybe not literally every good one) And one day just wait and see :D 🚀🚀🚀🚀


Yes, that's a great way of looking at it! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds! @diggerdugg

Agree with this my friend Up&Resteem


Thanks so much for the upvote and resteem, my friend! @saqib :)

Definitely a good concept it's just like putting money away in a bank for a child but this is actually an investment.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @spiritualartist
I agree with you! In my opinion, it makes a lot of sense to do it!

Steem is soon up :) And This year we see it up 3.10$


That would be so awesome...I hope you're right @foxkoit
We shall wait and see!

Its never too early to start


That's a terrific attitude to have! You're so right about that....Never too late, as I see it! :)

I think all crypto currency are future!


I feel the very same way, @pepe.maya
Thank you for commenting!