Homeschooling With Lego Robotics

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Lego Robots Are Legit!

One of the coolest things I get to do as a work from home entrepreneur dad is the time freedom to work on robotics with my 7 year. The kid dreams of being an inventer. Not kidding, this is all he wants to do in life.

How Cool is that!?!??

Lego Boost

Enter the Lego Boost robotics set. This set is for ages 7 and up and truly will teach your child the basics of coding! Not to mention the problem solving skills and following directions just to put the thing together! And nope, I do not help my son. He is in charge!

Learning to Code

Check out this video--

Is it Worth The Cost?

Well the only downside is the cost. It is about $160 which isn't too bad.... but you do need to own an iPad. Which could make this is very expensive purchase.

But YES!! I do believe the skills that he is learning will pay off big time!

Love this Steemit Community!!! Thank you for allowing me to hang with you.


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Pretty awesome hands on way to educate in today's technology. Way to go mom and dad!


Thank you bro!!

I will have to tell this to some friends of mine, not sure they have an ipad but still pretty cool!


YES!!!! We love love LOVE THIS! If they have a child that is into techy stuff, and they want to channel that passion away from "video games", then this is an AWESOME tool!!!