Why My Kids Are Going To School This Year

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Why My Kids Are Going To School This Year

  • Because maleducation is scarier than the virus
  • Because I am not rich enough to leave them anything than a decent education. I have a few thousands, but that sure isn’t enough
  • Because I prepared for their education (more than I did for my funeral services)


To anyone asking – Yes, I enrolled them in the same school they have been with since kindergarten. Yes, I searched for other options because I went into a phase of doubt, just like most parents have. Call me anything you want, but I don’t have enough patience to be my kids’ teacher, so I can’t be with schools that promote self-learning. Kudos to all the teachers! And, high five to parents who can!

I also cannot risk my kids’ information to be mishandled, just like what happened in some schools. Right now, what’s important for me is that my kids will still have interaction with teachers and classmates, just like in the old days, except done online. I can be at peace knowing that if I don’t have time to assist them while they are online schooling, the teachers and the school admins can.

Likewise, this is the simplest thing I can do to help the 350k displaced private school teachers reclaim their lost jobs.

No, I’m not insensitive. And, while I agree that no kid should be left behind, it would also feel unfair for parents like me who worked day and night to make sure their kids don’t get left behind.