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There is fire on the mountain but nobody seems to be on the run. 90% of the people around the world are willing to be parents raising their kids, but we forget something, "to get the prize we have to pay a price" . Before you get your farm produce there are lot of steps to take to actualize that goal, so also is the concept of parenthood, there are steps to be taken.


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Before synergy can be actualized there most be social inter course, physical and mental interactions. Parents of today put payments of bills ahead of their rapport with their kids, it quite thought provoking sending a six months old to day care, this kids are left with hireling who have little or no interest at all in their welfare. If you want to argue with me skip payment with the daycare operator and see whether they will still take your baby into their domain, the love and care shown to this babies are just mere poops.*

It does not stop here, after the age of five the kids are sent to boarding schools and only spend a few month with their parents all through their lives, so how do you wish to inculcate your beliefs and principles into these innocent kids you brought to the world. The kids pick up their behavior from those they see every day and interact with, put a baby in the animal kingdom and be rest assured he/she will learn their act and master their skills.


Your children are the product you manufacture, so, how do you want the world to see your product, are you proud of the product you brought into creation or dodging behind the fence. There is an African adage that goes thus; "the beans is always ready to fill up the pot and even pour away but the cook will never allow that", it implies every child has the tendency to be good or bad but with acute care and monitoring, the behavioral pattern of a child can be straighten
. To cap it up, the upbringing of a child is a serious business, let give it the needed and necessary attention.

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