For Mother's Day

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I've been a mom for over 17 years. That is craziness, because in my head I am still that mischievous 21 year old with a future wide open.

Motherhood did not come easily for me. I could not give up my dream to become one. It took me 8 years, and on March 28, 2000, I delivered triplets.

The early years were a blur for the simple reason of being outnumbered. Think of three atoms constantly bouncing off each other once in the mobility stage and you become familiar with your new superpower of having eyes in the back of your head.


The reality of motherhood is something different entirely. All those things Mother's Day cards eloquently profess are true. Having children changes your life in ways you can not possibly anticipate.

Not all is rosy.

My biggest fear of being a parent was having to deal with vomit. It's a phobia that fills me with dread. I had to get over that one real quick. Imagine trying to keep violent bouts of stomach flu contained with four children under two. (Yes, I did have another baby after my triplets. It surprised me too.)


Now that they are teenagers, I find myself confronted with a whole new set of worries. They drive. Pre-teen eyerolls were laughable in comparison to the fear ripping through your solar plexus when your child drives on his own for the first time.

You adapt and conquer. That is a pretty good slogan for parenthood, really. Because what I learned is that no one knows what they are doing as parents. If they proclaim to, they're lying. You can read every book about parenting under the sun. Many are filled with good advice, but just as many are not. What I wish I knew when I first became a mom is that I would figure things out. Children have been a part of life forever. We know more than we think if we pay attention to what our instincts tell us. We don't need books to tell us when our children are not 100%.

Here's to all the mothers here on Steemit who signed on for the ride of our lives. We put a lot of things on hold when we chose our paths. But I can't think of any calling more honorable or humbling than being a mother and having the opportunity, actually obligation, to insert some more decent people into society.

Happy Mother's Day to you, and may you enjoy what's left of the one day a year where we can allow ourselves to be pampered, hopefully guilt free.

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Happy Mamma Day ! Full power for this beautiful write up. It's not always been easy but my girl is my flawless diamond and sun


@Mammasitta! Thank you so much. I will always be glad we had some time to talk at Steemfest. Happy Mother's Day to you too. You are an angel! xx


It's wonderful to know you 🌺

Happy Mother's Day to you. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm a new mother and celebrated my first Mother's Day with my 7 month old girl. It was a great day.

Congratulations on your triplets; I can't imagine having to wrangle more than one child. It must've been beautiful chaos. So special to watch them grow.

Gosh, I'm not looking forward to the day she starts driving. She's growing too fast as it is!

Thanks again, I enjoyed your post.


Thank you, @ecentrally. Wrangle is the right word for sure. Congratulations on your first Mother's day! They do grow up so fast. Savor every moment. ;)



^^ yes ^^
Dianne Wiest had this role down. That will be me.

Very nice post, good luck to you and your little angels.


I appreciate that, @liberian. Thank you!

Happy Mother's Day to you! I can't imagine how fast those days went when the triplets were young. I lol'd at your description of them as "three atoms bouncing together." I hope you enjoyed your day and got plenty of pampering!


That's what they were, Eric. Each one took off in a different direction, and it started with crawling. Most people look on in horror when children wear those harnesses. I can tell you, knowing my kids, their lives were spared more often than I care to think about. ;)

Aww , those little angels !! @fairytalelife thank you for sharing :)


Angels at times, little devils at others! ;)
Thank you, @smart0mind.


Tell me about it ^_^ @fairytalelife


I'm sure you know all too well! ;)

Happy mothers day:-)



Very nice post. I had four children but they were at least 3 yrs. apart and we were BUSY but I can't imagine how busy and TIRED you must have been. Happy Mothers Day!


Thanks, @team101. Four kids is a handful. Not sure if it's easier or more difficult to have them spread out. In my case, it was probably good to have the triplets first. One baby alone is overwhelming. Had I had my fourth child first, I may have been in tears during my multiple pregnancy wondering how I'd do it! ;) As always, I appreciate your comments! Cheers!

Happy mother's day @fairytalelife and cheers to the great job you've done! Both you and I know just what a contradiction your mothering has been to what you learned.


You are so right, @natureofbeing. We make choices to do the best we can despite how we grew up. Thank you, dear Ruth. I've missed you! xo

Happy Mother's Day to you! What an incredible adventure you must be having raising your family, triplets and another baby. Absolutely awesome. I've got one and that kept my hands full. Hope you've had a beautiful day!!


@judym, thank you! It is an adventure every day. One can keep anyone's hands full. I have one that was probably equivalent to 10 boys in the challenging department! ;) I hope you enjoyed your day as well.


Thank you, @judym. One does keep your hands full. They do all occupy each other, so that helped somewhat. The adventure will continue for the rest of my life! I hope you too enjoyed your day.

You did piece of great job!


Thank you, @edekadam. I appreciate your kind words.

Great Post, My Daughter is 42 and when Sick still comes to lie on Mom's bed ! They are never finished being your Kids.


That is true, @awgbibb. They will always be my babies even though some are taller than I am. Thank you!

It's funny how waiting for 8 years ddnt prepare you enough for the bundles of joy that were gonna outnumber you and lovingly wear you out.

Your words reminds me once again how much our moms give up for us. Its almost inconceivable that those eyerolls can occur against someone who has given her entire life for you. In hindsight, I regret those subtle disobedience i exhibited as a teenager against my mom. Just normal teenagey ones though.

Thanks for writing this. I love ya, mom. 😍😉

P. S. Some day, hopefully, I will get to share those shortbreads with you.


How did you know I thought of you when I mentioned the eyeroll? It's a global problem, this insolence! ;)
Love you too, my son far, far away!
Someday we will share our shortbread. Thanks for your comment, dear @infovore.

Loved reading this 💕 Being a mom myself I can totally relate .... was nice coming across your post amongst all the bitcoin ones I've scrolled over haha .... I'm a single mom and it defo is not always rosy but it has its moments and that little person has taught me so much .... #loveyourpost @fairytalelife

Oh my! It is definitely the ride of a lifetime. My son turned 18, got his license went to university and started studying all in 5 minutes...they grow up WAY too fast! I miss him so much!


@giantbear, I'm sad about that too - the leaving part. I guess there's a reason I haven't thought too much about it yet. Seems impossible to believe.

Happy Mother Day 😊


Thank you so much, @lfx.crew09

Great post! Happy belated Mother´s Day !

Beautiful and Happy Your Day!


Thanks very much, @hansikhouse!

Happy mother's day! A wonderful story....


Thanks, @cvsimmons05. It's being written and rewritten daily! ;)

Happy Mother's Day @fairytalelife!!

Happy Mother's day!!! You are a super hero!!!


Well thank you, @acrobutterfly. It doesn't feel like it - I was/am in survival mode. Divide and conquer under the illusion of full control. :)


Haha, wow! Incredible to hear your perspective.

Very entertaining and lovely commentary on mothering ! Kudos to you for your stamina, strength and patience ! I missed the boat on having children ~ now entering my years that I would be a grandmother, I realize how much fun, even though an epic challenge, the rewards of motherhood would have been ! Blessings and peace to you as your children grow and stay your friends as well as being your family !!


Thank you so much, @articblonde. It has been an epic challenge. And sometimes the pain and sorrow that comes along with parenthood rips your heart out. But I have no regrets. I appreciate your kind words. :)

Moms are the best.


Oh, we try, @carl760. :)

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We put a lot of things on hold when we chose our paths. But I can't think of any calling more honorable or humbling than being a mother and having the opportunity, actually obligation, to insert some more decent people into society.

Fine words congratulations.

Sure being a mother is not an easy task. It requires so much investment of time. Time spent with children is a time wisely invested.


I agree completely, @juvyjabian. It's a commitment not to be taken lightly!