We're turning into our parents!

in #parent2 years ago

Our family roles can change in a short period of time as we move on to our parents and they move with the indifferent happiness of loving their grandchildren and the joy of completing their responsibility.


As you struggled to train, train and teach your newborn baby according to your own rules, your elders began to break your rules carefully, to check the most colorful candies you did not feed, to eat ice cream on the winter day, and to watch all the marriage programs you did not watch. Great combination.

The grandchild, grandfather and grandmother trio are here as a team. In the end, we are all starting to grow together.


Our parents are having a fun with our children, having everything you don't allow you to transform into fun with your grandson, we are settled in the status of family elders who say no to everything and maybe not willingly or involuntarily.

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