Would you sell your soul to Satan for fame and money??

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Have you ever observed people becoming over night sensation? we don't even know their names but they suddenly become the only topic of conversation that everyone speak. They would be everywhere and every news channel covers stories about their life and success and they get recording deals with ad services and other things. They suddenly become extravagant in life and maybe who knows, obnoxious too. It is strongly believed in the paranormal world that such kind of people usually would have made a deal with the Satan to become famous in return of their soul. It is called as "selling the soul". Of course some times we should credit the power of social media to make people famous but they must have some kind of talent to become famous. If you observe famous celebrities, few are incredibly talent and few are plain crap who can't even act or show any emotions on their face and can't even express a simple dialog in the way they are supposed to. We always wonder how in the world are they famous? well in such scenarios, this conspiracy of selling their souls to demons come as a very much believable thing.

So imagine this is true for a second, I just want to ask you guys. If Satan comes in front of you and asks your soul in exchange for extreme fame and money and also lavish life as long as you live, will you say yes?. If I have to answer that question for myself, I really don't know what would I say because we might be tempted for a lavish life but I wonder what happens to our soul after we die. Would we be happy in the hell or be tortured? scary isn't? so, what would you guys do?

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First of all to answer your question no. Second working in the music or film industry is pretty much hell in-itself so in a sense they already have traded their life for bondage of sorts.

Amazing idea of the post

Scary.. Life is too short to sell our soul in exchange to fame. Then you'll suffer forever burning in the after life. I'd rather stay like this.😁

@ediah haha that's what I thought too

Bart Simpson sold his soul to Millhouse for 1$.
So why not? ;-)

@hasenmann maybe simpson is burning for eternity in hell who knows lol

Hmmm if I go to hell I won´t care.
All my friends are there. And probably my wife, too.
So everything´s fine :-)

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I wouldn't sell my soul for eternity - No way!!
Those that do will regret their choice - eternal damnation.
Great post!! Bear Hugs to @thegoddess!! x0x0x

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