Never Break this Paranormal rule!!

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Just like there are three important rules to follow while we play Ouija board, we have so many important paranormal rules. Even the most educated of people tend to forget these and make mistakes. Most of the times, mistakes can be fixed but some times, you have to go through so much of stuff to fix them and the suffering we face is unbelievable and unending. My friend Jane, (name changed for obvious reasons) who was much obsessed with this haunted stuff just like me, has ignored or forgot this rule and had to suffer a lot because of this emotionally and physically. She knows so much about supernatural world and used to advice me a lot about the precautions and rules and it shooks me how herself forgot this rule and had to face whatever I mentioned below.

So, if you are the one who is interested in horror, demons ghosts stuff, you need to know this. Trust me, this can even save your life

I was attending the same college as Jane and I do not know her before. She went to a different school and we met in a language class and immediately got connected as we had same interest, THE PARANORMAL WORLD. She used to tell me all her experiences and in return, I used to tell her my Ouija stories and others. We used to have so much fun and we used to hangout before exams to prepare and help each other in education. After the semester exams, we had a break for a month and when the college reopened, she did not come. I called her and there was no answer. Back then, we did not have internet or fb or whats app to immediately know the status of a person. After a couple of days, I got concerned and went to her house to see her. Her Mom opened the door and I went to her room and shocked to see her. like literally. She looked so thin and pale, lifeless. I asked her what happened and she proceeded with the below story of her since few weeks,......... in her words.. so you are reading the Jane's side from now

After the day they declared holiday for us, I went to my uncle's house which is some 45 kms away from my house and they have two children and I thought I would have company with my cousins. My bad luck is that my uncle lives in a small village and immediately after reaching his house, I caught a major viral fever and fell sick. I wanted to come back home but my aunt insisted I stayed with her because she is excellent in home medicine and first two days was a okay for me and her medicine seems to be working on me nicely as I got better the second day itself. I felt tired of sleeping all day but at the same time, I also had no strength to play with my teenage cousins. Thankfully, there was a small library near my uncle's house and i wanted to read some books as reading is one of the stress relief techniques. I went into the library which looked super old and creepy. There was only one old man as staff and he recognized me and asked "you came after many times kid. And also, you look pale." I told him about my sickness and he said I will be fine. I smiled and went in the direction that I usually go to read, THE PARANORMAL SECTION. He saw that and shouted "NOPE". But I kept walking as if I heard nothing. I grabbed which ever book looked nicer to me and started reading. That book was about demons and was interesting if you ask me.

After some time, I got up and realized that it is been three hours since I sat down to read and was shocked to see the loss of time. The old man came in and said "your aunt called me, she is waiting for you.". I said, "thanks for informing uncle. I'm about to leave anyway". Then he said, "take care of you" and kept staring at me which actually made me creeped out even though I knew him all my life. I reached aunt's house and she gave me some tea to drink. I drank that ginger tea and leaned on my sofa and thought to close my eyes for some time. Literally 2 mins after, I felt nauseated. I went to the washroom and vomited the food I ate all day and so much so that at some point of time, it looked like I would vomit my intestines too. I cleaned myself, unable to even walk outside the toilet. I stepped outside and fell on the floor. My uncle came running inside. My whole body was burning as if someone set me on fire. They took me to hospital and doctor gave me an injection to control my fever.

I was having illness of course, but this is the first time ever in the three days that I actually suffered so much. I spent a whole day on IV fluids and the next day, my fever got down. Meanwhile, they took my blood, urine sample to check for illness. Trust me, literally nothing came in the result. The report showed no sign of any serious issues or bacteria and everything is perfectly normal in my body. The doctor herself was shocked to see the result and double checked with the lab to know if it was my own blood sample they checked. My body was perfectly fine and there was no explanation why I had that much severe fever and nausea when in fact I was completely cured by my aunt's medicine which by the way, she was giving the same to other affected kids in her vicinity and ALL of them were cured within hours.

They released me 2 days after the incident. I was feeling better again and though I could not even stand at this point, i was taking fluids and a little solid food without throwing out, which is an important sign of recovery. I lost a shit ton of weight in just 2 days. All the reports came normal which they took like 10 of them to check my liver, lungs, heart kidney thyroid sugar levels and everything said the same thing, "Normal". The doctor even apologized for not recognizing the illness but as I was feeling well, my uncle said that was okay. I spent another week in aunt's house. Mom came immediately to take care of me and it was been a while I have been that sick and we are still wondering what was that. I started walking again, but slowly. I asked my Mom to take me out but she was busy and she told me, "you can go, but please don't go far. we need to see you from our house. we need to keep an eye on you".

I promised her that I'd not go far and when I came out of the house for the first time after 2 weeks, I could remember only one thing, that intense stare given by the old librarian before I left. I immediately started walking towards the library. The old man was sitting in the same position and now I see that they have a new younger staff to help him. He saw me and I asked, "why did you stare at me on that day........." He did not let e finish my sentence but started talking, "I'm glad that you are okay now and alive. You know, many would not have". I asked, "what do you mean?". He gave a sad look and said, "you know you did a mistake on that day. You did not care for my warning to you. I kept shouting at you not to go to paranormal section but you proceeded. I could not chase you to first floor, you know I can't take stairs. I'm sorry you had to face that much for past few weeks". Still confused, I asked, "why wasn't i supposed to go?". He replied in a very serious tone,


YOU ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO SEARCH OR LOOK FOR PARANORMAL WHILE YOU ARE TOTALLY OR PARTIALLY SICK. Because humans are weaker when they are sick and that is the time for demons to attack and possess us and we cannot fight back. They take all our energy and they feel empowered. Some of the humans come out of it, like you did, and some cannot. But still, why taking a chance?. so my kid, never forget this rule. just do not look for them, if you do, they will find you back

Every bit of it gave me creeps all over my body and no wonder my blood reports were all normal. How could be they show any issue when I have issues with demons and not bacteria. There was never a virus for that matter. I cursed myself for forgetting this even though I know this very well. I promised myself, never again... back to the Original author.

So I saw Jane turning sad as she was explaining all this and felt very bad for her. I hugged her and said "it will be alright" and gave her some God pictures that I always keep with me to her. She took them and smiled at me. She could now walk, but looked like a skinny bone while she stood up, I took her to the local ice-cream shops and fed a lot of ice-cream. It is now my duty to get her back in shape., I thought about the demon that was trying to kill her while I fed her with my body full on shivers.........

Thanks for reading you guys and I hope you won't break this important paranormal rule in your life ever.



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Good story. WOW!! Is this true?
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Very scary!! Resteemed!!

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Very Interesting Story! The paranormal realm is a great mystery and must be taken seriously.

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