What the CIA.gov FOIA Releases Reveal About Psychic Research - Taking Back Your Pineal Gland

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After researching the CIA.gov FOIA request database records regarding Psychic Research (CREST, STAR GATE, SUN STREAK, GRILL FLAME) I've seen data consistently referencing the resonant frequency of our brain, 10Hz (alpha idle). In order to better understand this material please review my other clips on this in the following order:

SAIC-CIA/DIA Research on Psychic Phenomena (explains 10Hz)

DoD Psychoenergetics Program & Remote Viewing (ties into 10Hz)

Correlation between Street Theater (Barham Psychodrama Technique) tactics and 10Hz alpha desynchronization. Influencing the alpha state through stress/trauma to desync and gain access for Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

This clip provides a simple and brief hypothesis and summary of how these pieces tie together into the Pineal Gland and what the Egyptian hieroglyphics might have been communicating. I don't propose this as an ultimate truth by any means, but there is scientific data (via those research papers I posted from SAIC, SRI, CIA/DIA). 

So yeah everyone "The Men Who Stare At Goats" is definitely a thing but sadly being used in ways much more sinister than portrayed in films. We do have enormous psychic potential and those who have learned these methods appear to be using them in full force. They continue to this day and many of us experience things that fall right in line with 'the program'. It all ties together. 

What my presentation provides ultimately is a visualization exercise, or meditation, that helped me reduce the effects of the energetics. Now, the visualization is helpful, certainly, but it may not be enough for everyone. In order to tune into that 10Hz, you may need to give your body a "reference signal" to follow. This is where Rife Machines are effective, in my experience. For more on that please see the following clip.

Rife Frequency, Schumann Resonance and 10Hz Alpha State

I don't have anything to sell you here. I won't make recommendations on specific hardware to buy and nor do I recommend buying the device used in my demonstration. There are much more affordable devices on the market that have a broader range of frequencies. I only the use the device I have because I can't afford anything else and it was gifted to me. It has saved me many times over. Your mileage may vary.

Thanks to Anonymous Hive for their clip on the Flower of Life which will help expand on the concept of Psychoenergetics (and it's influence grid) from a more esoteric or hidden knowledge perspective. 

*I'm having difficulty locating the source of the original pineal gland/hieroglyphic photo that is annotated in the presentation. If someone knows where it originated I'd appreciate a link so people can reference it. Thanks.

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