Veterans Parade downtown Visalia California with mommy and babies. Beauty Queens, Veterans, cars and motorcycles

in parade •  2 years ago

Just got back from a walk to the Main Street Veterans Day Parade with baby mommy and the babies

I was standing toward the sun so the pictures didn't come out very well, but I just like sharing my life with you all.

The Local Military Academy La Sierra marching in parade.

The weather is amazing here in Visalia. Not hot and not cold.

Lots of motorcycles, a few cars and a couple beauty queens.

The motorcycles were so loud and my right ear is still ringing.

Thank you for viewing the photographs of Visalia's downtown Veterans Parade

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Happy Veterans Day, excellent post my friend @runridefly, as always, I congratulate you for your beautiful family, you see a great union with yours, that is the most important thing in life. Enjoy the kids while they are small.
Congratulations on another wonderful post


@jlufer, thank you my friend. Always kind and sincere comments.


You deserve it my friend

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