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Happy international Women's Day
This is my entry for the pap contest by @edumurphy and @fumiakinpelu .many thanks for this great opportunity
Here is our conversations
[3/12, 1:18 PM] Sylvester: Hello dear
[3/12, 1:19 PM] Sylvester: I have gone through the contest
[3/12, 1:20 PM] Sylvester: It's very interesting, I even screenshots the question we are going to ask each other, so that I won't need to login to Steemit attached the time
[3/12, 1:21 PM] Sylvester: So, how are we going to start now?
By the way have gone through the contest guidelines, or should I give you the link so that you can read it, or better still post the screenshots of what I saw, which one do you prefer?
[3/12, 1:21 PM] Sylvester: I'm waiting for your reply
[3/12, 1:22 PM] Sylvester: ~attached~. each
[3/12, 1:36 PM] Chidimma: Ok
[3/12, 1:36 PM] Chidimma: I have the link
[3/12, 1:37 PM] Sylvester: Alright, have you finish reading it, or should I give you time to do so?
[3/12, 1:38 PM] Chidimma: Am done reading biko
[3/12, 1:41 PM] Sylvester: Smiles
[3/12, 1:43 PM] Sylvester: Ok let's start then, start by asking me the question, note: you are the person to write the post of our chat with the tag PaP with I will resteem it, then you will post the link of that your post as a comment on that contest.
Ngwa, let's begin...
[3/12, 1:48 PM] Chidimma: Hold on plz
[3/12, 1:49 PM] Chidimma: Am doing something on instagram
[3/12, 1:53 PM] Sylvester: Okay
[3/12, 2:37 PM] Chidimma: OK am ready
[3/12, 2:43 PM] Sylvester: Alright
[3/12, 2:44 PM] Sylvester: Will you ask first or should ask first?
[3/12, 2:48 PM] Sylvester: Hmmmm....this your question dey woskie oo, alright let me answer, starting from the first question..
[3/12, 2:54 PM] Chidimma: As ladies, no doubt, we have been made to go through the worst experience in the hands of men, Battery, single mothering,rape,sexual molestation by uncles and cousins and househelps,.no matter what we say about how men also get these treatments,the truth is females are mostly affected. Being a guy can you explain why you think these happens?
[3/12, 2:55 PM] Sylvester: 1.) I think the factors that make those things to happen are:

A.) Indecent dressing: You know that we guys are attracted by what we see, Therefore many of us address ladies the way they dress, therefore, when ladies dress indecently, it will make the beast in us to overcome us and thereby committing those worst crimes against women.

B.) Lack of proper home training or upbringing: May guys are not properly brought up or lack home training, as a result constitute nuisance and cause their female counterparts to experience those ugly acts..
[3/12, 2:55 PM] Sylvester: I'm still answering oo
[3/12, 3:08 PM] Chidimma: OKia
[3/12, 3:12 PM] Sylvester: C.) Frustration/Revenge: Some guys do this because of their past. For instance, if a girl breaks a guys heart, he may be frustrated and be determined to cause other ladies pains or inflict them with the kind of sorrow he is passing through.
[3/12, 3:14 PM] Sylvester: Lastly, I think it's because We male are more physical, that is, the evil one among us can easily overpower a lady.
[3/12, 3:14 PM] Sylvester: That's my thoughts for now
[3/12, 3:25 PM] Chidimma: OK nice one.knowing the problem what do you think that can be done ?
[3/12, 3:26 PM] Sylvester: Alright, I think...
[3/12, 3:33 PM] Sylvester: Our ladies should dress decently, gone are those days when our forefathers and mothers dresses very well, there is no issue of Battery, Rape, sexual molestation, single mothers etc.

I also think, parents should teach their kids especially the boys very well, when I say teach I mean proper home bringing, including sex education as well, so that they will know the dangers involved.

Moreso, you ladies should reduce the way you break guy's 💓 heart..(Smiles) because it backfires not only to the person that caused it, but may be transferred to others.

Finally, there should be more laws by the government to be strictly adhered to, on the protection of women, moreso human rights should up their work, and ladies themselves should try to devise protective measures like not walking alone in a lonely path, or staying at home alone with the opposite sex
[3/12, 3:34 PM] Sylvester: That's what I think o
[3/12, 3:35 PM] Chidimma: Awesome
[3/12, 3:35 PM] Sylvester: Thanks dearie
[3/12, 3:35 PM] Chidimma: The number 2 question
[3/12, 3:36 PM] Sylvester: Hmmm, okay, I'm ready
[3/12, 3:43 PM] Chidimma: You know how women are parading themselves around talking,how they should have equal right with men.how they should be able to work, talk eat and behave like a man.now, some of those woman abandon their marriages and family hood for their career what do u really think about this, is this the way forward?
[3/12, 3:54 PM] Sylvester: Hmmm...
The disparity between Men and Women has been a major topic of discussion in recent years.

For me, according to nature, Women should be the second hand of a Man, not as a slave or domestic wife but as Co-family builder, soul mate, and helper.

There is nothing bad in female having equal rights with Make, but it goes bad when They fail to perform their duty as women, focus mainly on their career, forget/disrespects the man in their life and neglect their roles as motbers in the house.
[3/12, 3:55 PM] Sylvester: Let me answer the last part of your question
[3/12, 3:56 PM] Chidimma: Ok
[3/12, 3:59 PM] Sylvester: The way forward; I urge every Man to regard every Woman with dignity and honor, let's hold you ladies in high esteem and not bring gender discrimination.

Then women, in their quest of having equal rights with men should know the nature made everything the way it is, Ladies should not forget their primary duties they are suppose to perform
[3/12, 3:59 PM] Sylvester: That's all I can say
[3/12, 4:00 PM] Chidimma: OK
[3/12, 4:00 PM] Chidimma: Question 3
[3/12, 4:00 PM] Sylvester: I'm all ears
[3/12, 4:01 PM] Chidimma: What turns you on and what turns off in a woman?
[3/12, 4:03 PM] Sylvester: Smiles, this one is simple o
[3/12, 4:11 PM] Sylvester: Turn on: Resting her body against mine and her Hair: When a woman's hair touches me or when she lays on my chest or any other part of my body.

Turn off; When she is too shy and talking out of our topic of discussion.
[3/12, 4:17 PM] Sylvester: I'm done
Now let me ask you mine
[3/12, 4:18 PM] Chidimma: Hold on
[3/12, 4:19 PM] Sylvester: Okay
[3/12, 4:20 PM] Sylvester: I'm waiting, before I ask
[3/12, 4:22 PM] Chidimma: What turns you on and what turn you off? By extension what is your own idea of feminine beauty?fatness ,tallness ,shortness, business etc
[3/12, 4:25 PM] Sylvester: Okay, I think I have answered the first part of your question up there..now comes the second part
[3/12, 4:27 PM] Chidimma: 😊😊😊
[3/12, 4:28 PM] Sylvester: For me, my own idea of feminine beauty is not even mentioned in your question, I would rather to for a lady with average height, any complexion, góod body posture, Not fat or too slim, but normal, then finally, Intelligent and industrous!
[3/12, 4:28 PM] Sylvester: Hope I answered rightly
[3/12, 4:28 PM] Sylvester: Are you done? Let me ask my own question
[3/12, 4:29 PM] Chidimma: Additional questions,biko hold on
[3/12, 4:37 PM] Chidimma: How did you spent this year Valentine and with who
[3/12, 4:37 PM] Sylvester: 😍😍
[3/12, 4:43 PM] Sylvester: Okay, My last Valentine was very boring because it fell on Ash Wednesday, and I am a devoted Catholic Church member, born and brought up in the faith, we are taught holy important Ash Wednesday is, therefore I took preference of Ash Wednesday to Valentine, I attended Mass(Service) by 6:00am that day, and received a large cross Ash sign as it is in the doctrine of our church to do so, then I went to work as a work with a private firm that doesn't care of anything, I spared out time to call my girlfriend, ESTHER is her name, we gisted and I sent her an online present as we are not residing in thesame City. That's how I spent my Valentine's day.
[3/12, 4:44 PM] Chidimma: Awwwwn love in the air
[3/12, 4:44 PM] Sylvester: 🙊🙈
[3/12, 4:44 PM] Chidimma: OK the List but not the last question
[3/12, 4:45 PM] Sylvester: Ok
[3/12, 4:48 PM] Chidimma: We all love our mum, yes because she carried us for nine good month, went through pains during child birth, what is that thing your has done for you that looks so Extreme or so outstanding, that if we are to give award of the best mom of the year, she will win
[3/12, 4:49 PM] Sylvester: Laughs 😬, they are much oo, but let me single out one...
[3/12, 4:55 PM] Sylvester: My mom truly deserves that award of the best mom not only of the year but of life time.
The most outstanding thing my mom has done for me is giving me my final year school fees, when my dad didn't meet up with the deadline, my mom gave me the money, it's huge o, that's a love I don't think anyone would have showered on me.
[3/12, 4:56 PM] Chidimma: Wow that nice
[3/12, 4:56 PM] Chidimma: Your turn
[3/12, 4:57 PM] Sylvester: Thanks
Here is my questions:
[3/12, 4:57 PM] Sylvester: Question One
Everybody knows that the stomach is the way to a Man's heart. But we rarely know the way is to a woman's heart. So, can you tell me wbG the way to a woman's heart is?
How can I make a woman love me more?
[3/12, 5:09 PM] Chidimma: First of all,Every women choice defers, choice in the sense that, the way she chooses to allow you get to her,but the major ones I know that is very relevant are
1,start by giving her your attention
2, surprise with gift
3, steady calls to check up on her
4, visit her regular
5, Ask her about her family
If you can do this relevant ones, I think you will be able to get a woman love you
[3/12, 5:10 PM] Sylvester: Hmmm, enticing
[3/12, 5:12 PM] Sylvester: Now my second question
[3/12, 5:12 PM] Chidimma: Ok
[3/12, 5:12 PM] Chidimma: Waiting
[3/12, 5:16 PM] Sylvester: Question Two
You ladies keep taking about feminism and Women rights and all kind of thing. But I am confused here. What exactly is feminism and do men have a role to play in it?
[3/12, 6:00 PM] Chidimma: feminism is the belief in the social, political and economic equality of a female
Yes men have a role to play in the campaign of feminism,feminism is to attain it's goal of liberating women,men must be part of the struggle,men probably bear more of the responsibility for ending oppression of women since patriarchal men have been the main perpetrators of that oppression
[3/12, 6:01 PM] Sylvester: Gracias👍
Thank you for that answer
[3/12, 6:02 PM] Chidimma: 😊😊😊😊
[3/12, 6:02 PM] Sylvester: Here comes the 3rd question:
[3/12, 6:02 PM] Sylvester: Question Three
What one thing would you really want to change about a man if you had your way? Just one thing.
[3/12, 6:02 PM] Chidimma: Lolzzz
[3/12, 6:04 PM] Chidimma: If I have my way to change a man, I will change his mindset.that mindset of being in control and also I am the head of the house there for listen to me
[3/12, 6:06 PM] Sylvester: Haaaa.... it's been a good asking and answering questions here with you.
[3/12, 6:06 PM] Sylvester: I have 2 extra questions for you, are you ready?
[3/12, 6:06 PM] Chidimma: 😊😊😊tanku tanku
[3/12, 6:07 PM] Chidimma: Ready🙅
[3/12, 6:07 PM] Sylvester: Smiles...Okay, here is it;
[3/12, 6:08 PM] Sylvester: What kind of Man will you like to Marry?
[3/12, 6:09 PM] Chidimma: Lol
[3/12, 6:09 PM] Chidimma: OK
[3/12, 6:12 PM] Chidimma: I will love to marry a man that is open minded man, Honest,hardworking, Romantic, faithful and God fearing man.i did not ask for too much oo
[3/12, 6:13 PM] Sylvester: Laughs.... wow, you didn't o
[3/12, 6:13 PM] Sylvester: Finally here is the the question I'll use to draw the curtain;
[3/12, 6:14 PM] Sylvester: What's the best experience you had with your boyfriend or Ex or fiance if any, if not why are you still single?
[3/12, 6:20 PM] Chidimma: I have got so many wonderful experience with my Ex and I will mention few of them.we cook together, do our laundry together and some time we can just decide to travel to a state we've never been before (we tour together) it all fun
[3/12, 6:21 PM] Sylvester: Wooooooowwwww!
Wonderful experiences, I'm jealous.
Thanks it's been nice having you.🤝🙌
#The end#
To my partner @Sylvesterkelechi thank you very much for your time

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You're welcome @chidimma I learnt alot in the process, it was fun.

Though it wasn't a bed of roses.
I wish you luck.

Wow, lovely one, guys. Awesome. Sylvester, this one that you are asking questions about her kind of man, hope nothing? 😎 You guys struck the right chord and I wish you the best of luck. 😘


Thank you dear