The dangers of remote work.

in #pandemiclast month

The evidence is clear: electronic media produce lowered comprehension and retention of the same information over the same period of time.

To learn virtually requires BETTER content, MORE HOURS, better gear, and much greater bandwidth.

(NOT consumer level uplink speeds, let alone Zoom, webcams, phones, earbuds, and laptop speakers).

People talking in a room has ten times the information content of one or two channel audio chains, even greater ratio for playing acoustic instruments.

True HD video crosses a perceptual boundary for deeper engagement, but that is more like 60Mbps minimum versus typical 5Mbps uplink speeds for residential ISP.

I can hear the difference between performance majors who learned to hear music from YouTube and those who had audition to adequate acoustic performances.

My regimen is more hours per week of acoustic music than listening to audio.

Things you can do are:

  1. Get a semi-pro level camcorder or mirrorless SLR with HDR.
  2. Pro level headphones
  3. Provide minimum FLAC/WAV level downloads of audio (16/44 and up).
  4. Twitch offers better quality than most livestreaming services - if anyone knows a better channel, please chime in.

But get them back in the room whenever and however possible - 95 level masks, ventilation with filtration, cleaning protocols, whatever it takes.

There will be some permanent losses...

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