Australia, suffocating every vestige of freedom - Canada next?

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Two days before the election 20,000 peaceful but insistent protesters against the mandated “Vaccination Pass” gathered in Toronto. These protesters were well informed and well aware that this is a political not a medical crisis. Whether or not you have taken the “vaccines”, they insisted, forcing someone to take them, denying them basic freedoms of any kind if they don’t show a “proof of vaccination" passport, threatening to close their businesses if they don’t enforce the pass system on their customers – that is dictatorship, not lawful and free and democratic Canada. The 20,000 people assembled in Queens Park and then marched through Toronto blocking traffic frequently before returning to Queens Park for the wrap-up.

I’m glad to report that this is not yet Australia. These peaceful people were not charged and beaten by police in full military gear as they would have been if Toronto were Melbourne. There was no RCMP Un-Musical Ride charging among unarmed crowds including elders, mothers and kids, riding them down and swinging batons at them from horseback, Melbourne style. Not yet.

But the heat is turned up gently so far. Our “pass” system is focusing on recreational events so far. Small box retailers and small restaurants and wait staff are first to be threatened with ruination and unemployment if they don’t submit to demanding a Passport from every customer. The government sent them a warning that “inspectors" would be checking on them posing as customers, the kind of plain clothes coppers we hippy kids used to call Narcs back when they were enforcing actual drug laws. Now the Narcs are forcing people to take drugs, forcing people to shoot up very dubious cocktails instead of the heroin and speed they used to stop people from taking. So to me it seems like the world is turning upside down, not that the land down under is turning into the Canada of freedom and civil rights I used to be proud to call my own.

In Australia the unionized construction workers are protesting with much more anger because the Australian government has declared that no construction worker will be allowed on the job site without showing a Vax-Pass. Australia seems to be the first laboratory for the advancement the “Passport" boa constrictor squeezing and squeezing and suffocating every vestige of freedom. Is there any barrier to our Canadian government declaring that workers of all kinds who have kept the lights on and the sewers running and the water flowing and the streets repaired and the homes being built for all this time with or without a “vaccination” let alone proof of it, will now be regimented by the government or lose their jobs?

There isn’t any such barrier. Because when the government breaks the law it breaks the foundation of civil society. The broken law stays broken. The law that protected your right not to be raped with anything including a needle is about as basic a protection as can be imagined. If it’s now “my body THEIR choice” what kind of a country am I now living in?

Forced medical procedures of any kind are grossly illegal, or were until now, until now when the thin excuse of a “State of Emergency” gave our governments permission to cancel all our civil rights “temporarily” as if we were at war or in a civil war. The “State of Emergency” declared in March of 2020 at the behest of the WHO has actually been cancelled here in BC, yet the dictatorship of Bonnie Henry goes on even more aggressively, just as if she were counter-attacking the cancellation of the excuse for her dictatorial authority. So pardon me for thinking this new dictatorship is not likely to be temporary.

Now that UBC has demanded a "proof of vaccination” pass and students and staff and faculty seem to be meekly complying with it, any member of our union, such as myself, will not be permitted to vote for the union executive without that pass. I am nominally employed on UBC campus, but unless I submit to breaking the law it really seems, to my shocked astonishment, that I won’t be allowed to work. I’m on a leave of absence now, just hoping that things will be allowed to be normal again in the new year. My hope in that is getting terribly thin.

How long will it be before I am not permitted to board a bus or a ferry without that pass?

All of this illegal dictatorship is just temporarily of course. All the bureaucratic system which Justin Trudeau has pledged a billion of our tax dollars to establish will be completely abolished for good as soon as Covid is over. As soon as the “variants” stop showing up. As soon as PCR “tests” stop revealing new “cases”. As soon as they run out of Greek alphabet letters from Alpha to Omega… We'll all be back in nice free Canada as soon as We Beat the Virus. I was born yesterday so I believe it.

Just kidding. But it’s not a funny joke.

The Nuremberg Code is not a joke, it is the law of Canada which takes precedence over any agreements Canada has ever signed with the World Health Organization. The Nuremberg Code was formulated to make sure that never again would such “doctors” as Joseph Mengele “perform" any “procedures” on people by force. Canada signed onto that Code, as did Britain, the US and Australia. Breaking that law, as the American, Australian and Canadian governments are now doing, sweeps away the protection we now have against any and every form of coercion.

Think about it. If the government can force you to have your body invaded with anything whether you like it or not and register yourself in an internal “passport” system with a unique “digital identifier” what stops the government from extending this dictatorship? What about adding your “digital identifier” to a scheme for limiting your “carbon footprint” by denying you heating fuel or gasoline? What about getting you arrested on any one of a hundred petty violations of rules you didn’t even know existed because you have written an annoying letter to the government? What about cancelling your employment if some good citizen overhears you complaining about the government?

What do you think happens in a communist dictatorship? Corruption happens. The employees of the government who rise in the Passport bureaucracy discover that they can finagle the system and use it as an excuse for theft and rape at their pleasure. Call forth the worst of human nature and give it a badge and watch what happens.