Panamá Glass Announcement. Huge News for Panamá.

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It is Time for a Public Discource on The Modernization and Transparency of the Panamá Financial System.


Feb. 22-25 2018, Panama City, Panamá

The summit will bring together international experts with local stakeholders and a lucky group of students. The goal of this group is to produce a visionary plan.

Panamá Glass Topics to include:

  1. Transparency and Accountability
  2. Smart Contracts
  3. Digital Dollar Standard
  4. Modern International Settlement Channels
  5. Digital Identity
  6. Land and Ship Titles
  7. Social Services (welfare, education)


Panama Is Having a Tough Few Years in the Media.

It is Time for the Panama Business Community and the Future Leaders of Panama (The Students) to Speak Up.

Join us here in Panama Feb. 22-25 2018. The agenda is as follows.

Day 1. Team Intro, Closed to the Public.

Day 2. Work Groups, Closed to the Public.

Day 3,4. Speeches and Panels, Open to the Public.

PTY Glass Partners.


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great group and I liked the strategy they worked with
Transparency and Accountability
Smart Contracts
Digital Dollar Standard
Modern International Settlement Channels
Digital Identity
Land and Ship Titles
Social Services (welfare, education)

thanks for this news of Panamá.

@hilarski, I hope this summit is a success. I can forward this to a close contact of mine in Panama who is helping setup and manage a Private Vault, is a precious metals trader and very well connected in the Panama financial community... he may be interested in participating and is a great contact for you to connect with.

Him and I have been talking about a precious metals backed digital currency for years, he can help make it happen as they have a refinery, process raw gold and store it for clients, they also produce LBMA deliverable bars and source right from the mines. I belive their vaulting facility will also have an ATM for cyrpto purchases and caters to only high net worth clients around the world.


I know most folks in the gold and silver biz here. I have been hearing similar rumors for a while.


Ok, his name is Michael and their vault is near Boquete. When I last spoke to him, he mentioned they have licenses to roll out Crypto ATM's all around Central America, he even suggested I bring the ATMs into Canada. If you are interested in chatting with him, I can make the intro. All the best with the summit. Cheers.


I think you already know Michael, but if not I can also help facilitate an introduction.

This would be SO good. It amazes me how dated and inefficient doing anything beaurocratic in is. Paper forms piled up everywhere! Why????

@hilarski Is one of the BEST people to keep an eye on here on STEEMIT. Always Helpful and very knowledgeable about what is going on in the Crytpo World. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


I really appreciate that. Merry Christmas to you as well.

on other word we could say this is the revolution of panama. impressive idea & nice information @hilarski


@hilarski - It is Time for a Public Discource on The Modernization and Transparency of the Panamá Financial System.
Sir it's sound interesting... TigoCTM there... How fantastic Sir....

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a good news from u its mean the group want to devolp it in modern shape like theseDigital Dollar Standard Modern International Settlement Channels
Digital Identitye modern shape like

This is a great concept and whole world should get an idea from this Public Discourse. Excellent information and really a wonderful news for the country!


This is really big news for panama.

Resteemed!! This is a very good initiative. .. ira, alejandro, felipe, hilarskis, jorge, mmm woww 😎 it looks awesome!!
What is the cost ?

Time for more blockchain tech in Panama! The banks need it.

Panama is improving big time. Not only in financial world, but also in sport. If I am not mistaken Panama qualify the first time for football World Cup:).


Yes, we qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

Our world is changing for the good of everyone! So glad to see such changes happening in Panamá, Looking forward to more of such happenings in every country.

Thank you very much for sharing @hilarski! ☺

Great update, really good to see your post. always post great news thanks for sharing this

you guys are enhancing the cryptocurrency and strong blockchain. wish you all the best in panama.

good topic . thanks for sharing.i like your post and following.

Merry Christmas


Good bles you

i guess everyone should read this fine post so cool for everyone !!!

Thank you for exellent news like always

Probably more people will talk about blockchain technology, you will be a leader of them~

nice post

It's great to know about the Panama and I think it would be a great success for this organisation.

The digital dolar , new dimenssion

thanks @hilarski Resteemed

very informative always keep us updated about the latest things in the crypto world..hope this summit was a success..thanks for sharing this news with us too sir :)

The question is:
Who is holding Panama billions now.
That mister X now is modernizing Panama financial system

Such a wonderful post by @hilarski sir...
I'm always respect to ur ideas...and I can learn something with ur every posts.
Thanks sir...

whats the wonderfull goal of this group and really a wonderfull idea and also to share a new news is ur wonderfull work like always hilarski sir

All the best for the summit! TigoCTM is progressing alot ?

Congratulations @hilarski

Exceptional concept behind this wonderful event. Valuable information shared through your blog post. Anabell Hilarski - Co-Founder...!!!

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good news from u its mean the group want to devolp it in modern shape like theseDigital Dollar Standard Modern International Settlement Channels
Digital Identitye modern shape like..

lots of topic Panamá Glass will cover it will be interesting

I hard about Panama paper and it was a big news on those day's and created a bad impression about Panama for most of the people.And it is good see they are coming up with great concept and I hope this will help us to forget about the past and go with the new concept.

Awesome to see this. Didn't the person who broke the Panama Papers get killed recently? Sad story. Glad you are part of change there. Also looking forward to your live video at 4pm today.

Wow ....... Great News

Great news this is thanks for the update :)

Wow amazing. Great job I am new here so please guide me follow and vote me