Agrorismo, Passion for Sustainable Living in Volcán, Panama.

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An Organic Farm to Table Community Evolving in Panama.

When my friend invited @AnaHilarski and I to check out the project we agreed to visit. After hearing about this project over the last six months Anabell and I decided it was time to check it out firsthand. So we packed our bags and made the five hour trip from La Chorrera, Panama. Volcán along with its neighboring town Cerro Punta are the bread basket of Panama.

The area is absolutely gorgeous. Volcán is situated on the slopes of Volcán Barú. The Volcán Barú is an active stratovolcano and the tallest mountain in Panama, at 3,475 metres high. It lies about 35 km off the border of Costa Rica.


If You Decide to Visit, Either Ride with the Team in the 4x4 or Make Sure You at Least Have an AWD Vehicle Like Our VW.

I have to admit this was the first time that we took our vehicle off-roading! Since the project is still under construction it will be a while before the roads leading to the property are paved.


What is Agrorismo?

"Agroland IC focuses on sustainable farmland management in a pipeline of undervalued properties in Chiriqui, Panama.

The objective is farms close to urban areas that are geographically right in the path of progress and which can over time be developed into green residential communities.

It utilizes practices such as regenerative agriculture, building healthier soil with greater resilience to erosion and weather and efficient water management among others, and therefore has a strong environmental impact and varying degrees of social impact.

Through partnerships with world industry leaders it is deploying advanced agrotech technologies such as hydroponic farming which helps to increase yields but is also aiming to enjoy the organic pricing premium that has emerged from the persistent undersupply of domestically sourced, certified organic products.

Agroland IC long-term value proposition is tapping into the revaluation and reclassification of farmland assets into green communities for International retirees, in the light of the Panama Government Master Plan (which includes extensive spending in regional infrastructure - including a new Railroad network) and in Partnership with CAF (Development bank of Latin America), IICA, the World Bank and other Development Institutions.

The View From One of the High Points on the Property.


Agrorismo Has Its Own Water Supply for Farming and Human Consumption.

Collection Pools for Irrigation.


Cisterns for Sustainability.


Building the Hydroponics Indoor Farm.

This farm will open up the possibilities of growing hundreds of different crops. Providing a revenue stream for the Agrorismo sustainable community.


Testing the Soil and Different Crops.

The project will use many methods of growing. The plan calls for hydroponics, traditionally grown crops and fruit trees grown along the forest line.


The Construction of the Farm is Full Speed Ahead.


Download More Agrorismo Information.


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Is this volcano dormant?
Nature possesses a lot of trick, it is up to us to use it accordingly
Keep on steemin'


Yes Baru is dormant.


wow very excellent

yep a very great project pictures tell me that this project is too big and profitable ....
I like this project very much so resteemed...and upvote done....

@hilarski , beautiful places, excellent quality of your photos, the volcano is impressive.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you have enjoyed it, even though this is no need to say, the place invites you enjoy.
Happy day :)

I only knew one thing about Panama and that was Panama Leaks, but yeah thanks for sharing something about Panama with us :D


Oh goodness, people only think of the negative news.


Haha a glimpse of people being exposed to media :3

That look like such cool place

Beautiful looking this place, i appreciate your post.keep it up dear friend.....

this is part of the future that this world needs.
Sustainable, green projects that combine all humans have achieved with something that adds to nature and does not destroy it...
things like that really deserve support

fantastic @hilatrski all the pictures are showing nice piece of art and photography.all the scenes are much impressive. nice to see your cute baby along with @anahilarski. be happy all the life with your family.

Fantastic photography
Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog........lovely

Very cool project that will be profitable I hope. All the pictures show it well, but the last picture of the volcano crater blew my mind.. that bad boy surely did some damage back in the day! WOW!

What a nice initiative, I loved everything looks very great I hope that project has a lot of success

The photos are so amazing I just saw a picture like this that very good thanks have shared @hilarski

a very nice project of friends, and a very beautiful photography

Great sir

smart person nice photogryphes..

very great project about panama

Beautiful looking this place, i appreciate your post.carry on my dear friend....

yep a very great project pictures tell me that this project is too big and profitable ....
I like this project very much so resteemed...and upvote done @hilarski , beautiful places, excellent quality of your photos, the volcano is impressive.
Thanks for sharing and I hope you have enjoyed it, even though this is no need to say, the place invites you enjoy

It looks like a very well thought out farm. The runoff from Baru as well as the rain should keep the cisterns and reservoir full. The volcanic soil should be rich in nutrients as long as they continue soil rotation and experimentation. Not to mention the fantastic climate of Panama.

This looks fantastic and should be sustainable for generations to come.

really nice to know about it.....thanks

Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.

excellent post

hi @hilarski, here @el-cr from Bocas, we met in PTY Glass remember?

I find this info interesting, since there is to much misinformation regarding the pesticides locals use for farming in some areas of Cerro Punta. I also want to eventually have a land there and try farming as well =).

What I love from Volcan and Cerro Punta is that is not as developed as Boquete, still cooler and more peaceful.

Thanks for sharing, hope to see you in the city for a steemit meetup.

interesting post you shared great to know about it :)

wow this is really nice travel place

Beautiful scenery to match a wonderful project. I hope to see sustainable living become a much more prominent thing throughout the world.

Great post my dear friend @hilarski the project is really awesome and very much located in one of the best parts of Panama.

Super super cool. We need more of these! Thanks for great article Randy!


Soil should be excellent for farming, a beautiful part of the world to sustain oneself going forward Randy.

Hugs to Anabell, baby Max and self.