Finally kicking things into gear

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YouTube videos and status updates

I've been pretty active on Twitter recently, and the only reason I haven't had much to share on Steemit, is because they didn't let me embed my Twitch clips. I was actually pretty salty about that, and decided to wait until my YouTube channel was up and running. This is pretty much just an update post, to share my current active social links, and let people know I'm producing content.

Places to follow me:


I post on Twitter almost every day, and I stream 5 days a week Tue-Sat, at around midnight EST. I don't really plan to schedule my YouTube videos, but I want to try to have at least one a week.

I'm trying to interconnect all of my social profiles to each other to make it easier to follow wherever you prefer. Also, thank you to anyone who decides to check any of the links out. [: