Draw with children. Butterfly in the grass

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I have repeatedly said that I lead drawing lessons in several children's groups. In his work, we are not limited to the same materials, and try to draw different ones. In one of lessons I asked to portray here is such a at a butterfly.

I must say that in this group there are children of slightly different ages, and drawing skills are also different. I usually sit down and draw with everyone. Children peep at me and try to listen to all my advice.

This time we used oil pastels and colored cardboard. Since all the children had different sets of pastels and different colors of Arton, the works also turned out very different from each other.

And here below is my own work. The children did a good job, didn't they?

Colored cupboard, oil pastel, dimensions 30x20 cm


I love the first butter fly. It was beautifully made. And I like the dark background used with little colors around it.

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Thank you, friend! Yes, dark sheet helps the artist to feel all composition better.

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Wow! Thank you!

Очень красивые бабочки! Мне нравятся яркие и сочные цвета:)

Дети 9-10 лет порой выдают весьма интересные рисунки на уроках )


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