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Hi my Name is weinweibgesang and i love Good Food ,Woman ,and Music . As you my noticed my Name are 3 German Words and yes i am from Germany , but I'm not gonna tell you exactly where from Germany !

Wein = Wine , Weib = Woman , Gesang = Song

" Wine, Woman and Song" is a motto that uses a Hendiatris as a rhetorical figure to describe a certain lifestyle.
A modern description of this lifestyles provided Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll!
Source: Wikipedia

I am not a big writer, so I will make a report like this at most once a week.

There won't be much to see only how many votes I have distributed this week on these 3 tags : #naturalproducts , #porn , #creativecoin. If I find the time and the desire for it, I will show you from each tag still my favorite contribution of the week!

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Awesome! Thank you for featuring me! :-) You just made my day... :-)